How To Have A Baby On A Budget!

Low Waste & Budget-Friendly Parenting

When my daughter was created, my spouse and i saw our earnings drop for reasons we’re able to not have predicted. I was both very busy with work, and all of a sudden, money and time were both an issue.

I felt overwhelmed at occasions by all of the advice and lists about everything I desired to obtain for the baby. Some, obviously, were non-negotiable. A vehicle seat was one, since i have could be driving my daughter from your rural the place to find doctor’s appointments, daycare, and merely about otherwise. Which was a large, costly hunk of plastic-neither low-cost nor low waste.

However I soon discovered that the items my daughter truly needed were really quite simple. She didn’t require an costly wipes warmer or whatever toy was trendy when she was created. Beyond fundamental requirements, I discovered lots of wiggle room. So that as she’s grown older, I’ve had the ability to demonstrate to her the worth in becoming thoughtful about how exactly we spend our money and just what we would like within our lives.

With a few creativity, along with a fair quantity of planning, here’s how we’ve managed to get work:


“I had always enjoyed likely to thrift stores and yard sales, however when our budget got tight, it grew to become essential, not really a hobby.”

Probably the most significant way I produced a minimal-waste, low-cost home was by embracing the motto “secondhand first.” I’d always enjoyed likely to thrift stores and yard sales, however when our budget got tight, it grew to become essential, not really a hobby. This small transfer of mindset made an impact within our main point here, and our carbon footprint.

Since that time, I’ve been surprised about how frequently I’m able to determine what I want in my daughter by shopping secondhand. Sure, it requires some persistence, planning, as well as a balanced view, but it’s worthwhile.

I’m able to scoop up kids’ clothing through the bagful at garage sales or my local consignment stores’ finish-of-season sales. “Buying ahead” also saves me from making fast-fashion impulse buys when my daughter includes a growth spurt and all of a sudden nothing fits.

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I’ve been taking my daughter to the public library since she was small. However it wasn’t until lately which i discovered what we’re able to do there besides studying. I had been happy to discover we’re able to borrow a united states Girl toy on her to experience with.

Our library also lets kids check-out games and outside toys like Frisbees. Other libraries lend out tools, instruments, cooking gear, and sports gear. I really like having the ability to check out something totally new without getting to invest, i understand the low-waste idea of a whole community having the ability to share and revel in just one assortment of products.

Out on another underestimate the need for generous buddies and family (make sure to return the favor when you are able). I’ve lent cars, vehicle seats, umbrella strollers, take your pick-you may be surprised how generous your circle could be should you just ask!


Humans are social creatures. It’s harder to stay having a sustainable, low-cost lifestyle when the people around you are well on another vibe. Find buddies, colleagues, or perhaps an online group you are able to talk to regarding your latest thrift score, the best offer on cloth kitchen towels, or how you can stretch your leftovers to create a great meal.

I began chilling out inside a local “Buy Nothing” group and examining the “free” portion of my local Craigslist to locate folks within my area who may help me score hands-me-downs or give my old products a brand new home. When my daughter was created, I acquired bags filled with hands-me-lower clothes, a few of which I had been happily in a position to pass on with other parents when she outgrew them.

Since I Have know that lots of my local thrift stores are frequently overwhelmed with donations, and lots of donated clothes finish in the waste stream, getting several like-minded folks to swap with helps me find individuals who truly need or want what I must offer.


When our budget got tight, I began reselling used products which i wasn’t handing lower. I thrilled my dormant eBay account and researched other online selling platforms like thredUP and Poshmark. Spending some time browsing the resale market (online or perhaps in-person) helps me know precisely where I can turn to re-sell the items I get rid of of my daughter’s closet as she grows. Plus, it’s simpler to place bargains once they appear-and getting a free account already setup causes it to be much simpler to obtain the thing you need with no fuss.

It is true which i don’t make lots of money generating used kids’ clothes, but small sales accumulate. I simply bought myself a secondhand winter coat using the money I made selling my daughter’s outgrown clothes. It’s victory-win when both sides from the transaction keep your hands-me-lower cycle going.

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5. Purchase Encounters, NOT OBJECTS

I’m so fortunate that my daughter has two teams of grandma and grandpa who like to spoil her with gifts, and get me what she might need or want. Rather of filling her (small) bed room with increased things, I’ve let Granny and Grand daddy understand how much she’d love a YMCA membership or perhaps a gift cards towards the local play place.

Redefining gifts by doing this has provided us a lot. It provides my daughter encounters that otherwise may be beyond our family’s budget. It will help us fight the clutter that come using the holidays. As well as if our family members can’t always come along of these encounters, it can make for any great conversation-starter whenever we do chat or visit. Even if my daughter was small , shy, she loved to speak about the enjoyment things she’d been doing.

Living low waste on a tight budget might take some creativity at occasions, however it doesn’t need to be challenging. And also the rewards in my family and me are priceless.

What exactly are your very best practices for parenting on a tight budget? Be part of your comments ought to below!