Aviator: Rules and Strategy of the Game

Users have widely welcomed the new versions of the Crash game, which users have widely welcomed. This game is similar to the original Crash game. You can play this exciting game on reputable and big casino sites like PinUP and try your luck for a sweet win. Further, you can learn more about aviators and read about strategies that can help you increase your winnings.

Aviator as New Crash Game

“Aviator” game is one of the popular Crash-style casino games designed and released by Spribe. Suppose you have experience betting on different types of crash games. In that case, you will surely notice the similarities between these games after spending a little time because the aviator game is one of the new versions of the crash game. This game is also very popular among gamblers and online websites. One of the reasons for the popularity of this game is its simplicity in betting and attractive graphics. In the design of this game, in addition to simplicity, many facilities for use and settings have been provided to the players. Also, in addition to the excitement of the game, the results obtained in each round use a special randomization process that makes the game memorable. But how this game works?

The Aviator Game: How Do You Play It?

The steps to play the aviator game are simple. In each round of the game, a plane starts moving from the corner of the image and takes off. As the plane is on its way to take off, a coefficient increases in the game display, which gives you your prize based on the amount you have bet and the game coefficient. Of course, although in this game, like other versions of the crash game, there is no news about the destruction of the plane, however, you will see that the plane suddenly accelerates on its way and leaves the game frame, and the words “Fly to the Far Away” appear. If you have yet to collect your prize before this event, you will lose the bet amount. So finally, the plane leaves the game board at an unpredictable moment. In fact, in this game, like many other games, if you are too greedy, you will lose the bet amount.

Features of the aviator game

  • The key to playing or stopping the sound effect in the game,
  • The key to playing or not playing the music of the game,
  • Option to enable and disable animation,
  • Chat and group chat with other users,
  • View the history of bets,
  • View other players’ bets,
  • Automatic bet setting options,
  • Automated reward withdrawal,
  • The feature of two bets at the same time,
  • The possibility of verifying the game,
  • The possibility of playing with a special application,
  • The possibility of playing offline “Practice.”
  • Show the best by separating the day, month, and year.

How Can You Win At The Aviator Game?

Betting is possible in every game round and before the plane takes off. You can bet for the next round while the game is in progress. After registering the bet, the game coefficient is displayed on the screen and increases. The bet bonus and profit are calculated by multiplying the bet amount and the coefficient at closing the bet.


  • At first, play for fun and excitement,
  • Start with small amounts,
  • Pay attention to chat room messages,
  • Check the last ten coefficients,
  • Avoid greed in the game,
  • Play at specific times,
  • Consider specific coefficients,
  • Stop playing when you win,
  • Don’t play during losing streaks,
  • Do not play when angry,
  • Do not use robots and destructive codes,
  • Do not think that you will become rich overnight,
  • Study the tricks and strategies of the crash games.

To Sum Up

There is a high number of crash games now available for gamblers, and via online casino websites such as PinUp, players can easily access all types of crash games. Aviator is one of the latest in this category that tries to combine joy and excitement with the opportunity of winning money.

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