A Guide to See Your Spotify Stats from Start to Finish.

This informative article explains various ways to visit your Spotify stats: View recent tracks within your profile, check out year-extended trends with Spotify’s yearly personalized playlists, or utilize a third-party application or website.

How to talk to your Spotify Stats on PC, Mac, and Web

Among Spotify’s best features is having the ability to track the music activity you have fun with some time and supply knowledge of your habits. This enables you to uncover your chosen tracks and informs you ways you change as time passes.

The Spotify application on PC, Mac, as well as the web interface provides the most info on your recent Spotify habits. You will notice your top artists, songs, and a listing of your Spotify playlists with these steps:

  1. Tap your bank account name inside the upper right-hands corner in the application.
  2. Select Profile within the drop-lower menu.
  3. You’ll be able to browse your frequently performed artists, songs, and a listing of your playlists. Tap See All under any category to develop this list of artists, songs, or playlists proven.

How to talk to your Spotify Stats on Mobile

You will find up-to-date Spotify stats inside the mobile application, too, however the facts are limited to frequently performed artists and playlists.

  1. Tap the Settings icon (which seems just like a gear).
  2. Select View Profile underneath your user icon.
  3. You’ll be able to browse your recently performed artists and a listing of your playlists. Select Your Library > choose Artists, Albums, Podcasts & Shows to exhibit.

Where to find More Stats With Stats.fm for Spotify

While viewing your Spotify top albums, artists, songs, and playlists is a good start, you might like to delve much much deeper for your Spotify stats. A mobile application referred to as Stats.fm for Spotify (formerly referred to as Spotistats for Spotify) can help you get yourself a better understanding of the Spotify habits, including if you listen, how extended you listen, your top genres, and even more.

Stats.fm for Spotify even allows you to view stats with the month, year, over all of your membership, getting a custom time period, plus much more.

Here’s methods for getting started with Stats.fm for Spotify.

  1. Download Stats.fm for Spotify within the Application Store (iOS), or have the Android Stats.fm for Spotify version within the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Register > Continue.
  3. Enter your Spotify username and passwords and tap Register.
  4. Tap Accept accept own application permission to get into your Spotify account.
  5. Round the Overview tab, view some rudimentary statistics, along with your top artists, playlists, and activity.
  6. Tap The very best towards the see a lot more stats, like the top tracks, artists, and albums you’ve required in to around four days, six several days, or possibly an eternity,
  7. Tap Stats to talk to your top genres, usage percentages, plus much more.
  8. For more stats, you will have to upgrade to Stats.fm Plus ($3.99). The applying will instruct your self on importing your Spotify history. Then, you will see your general volume of streams, minutes, streamed, your full streaming history, plus much more.

View Spotify Stats While using Stats for Spotify Website

You may even link your Spotify account getting another-party stats how do people view more descriptive information. Most likely typically the most popular third-party Spotify web stats tools could be the Stats for Spotify website. Here’s the ins and outs:

Go to the Stats for Spotify website and select Login with Spotify.

  1. Select Accept enable the site to get into your Spotify data.
  2. Select Top Tracks, Top Artists, or Top Genres to determine more descriptive information of those groups.
  3. Create a personal playlist from tracks inside your charts and see it in Spotify.

Other Third-Party Spotify Stats Tools

  • You’ll be able to explore your Spotify stats in a few unique ways with such Spotify stats tools:
  • Obscurify: The Obscurify website gives you knowledge of how obscure your musical tastes are in comparison with other users.
  • Receiptify: The Receiptify website and application can be a top-track generator that enables you to definitely view your top tracks by way of a bill.
  • Zodiac Affinity: The Zodiac Affinity website reveals in situation your song choices resonate along with your astrological sign.
  • How Bad May Be The Streaming Music? The How Bad May Be The Streaming Music website supplies a humorous undertake your musical tastes and stereotypes you accordingly.

How Can You See My Spotify Wrapped Story?

The annual Spotify Wrapped story, which highlights your listening trends using the year, can have around the house screen in the mobile, PC, or Mac application. It’ll appear comes up the home screen generally inside the playlists section. Wrapped usually involves late November or early December and disappears after 2012.

You may even view your Wrapped story, as well as the information it draws from, by visiting Spotify’s Wrapped website.

May I Still See My Spotify Wrapped From Previous Years?

You can’t view past versions in the Spotify Wrapped story released each year. This story disappears after 2012 and is not available after it’s removed.

However, the Spotify Wrapped story is different from the playlist. The tale can be a video that highlights your chosen tracks and artists, because the playlist is a listing of songs you’ll be able to have fun playing the Spotify application. Spotify delists the tale, but past playlists remain available.

You will find past yearly playlists within your report on playlists. They are labeled Your Top Songs and will include the season the playlist represents. There’s also these playlists by looking for Your Top Songs.

Users frequently create playlists labeled Spotify Wrapped or possibly your Top Songs to herald those who mistake these playlists for your real factor. Many utilize Spotify’s official art. You’ll be able to put the fakes with overview of the playlists’ byline. These rogue playlists aren’t harmful, nevertheless the songs they play aren’t based on your Spotify stats.

Your Spotify Wrapped story is completely different from the playlists it’s built on. The playlists persist regardless of the storyline disappears. The tale is completed forever, however, you could view Your Top Songs for just about any given year within your playlists library, and you also view newer favorites within your account.


How can you see artist stats on Spotify?

If you want to determine stats for particular artists, search for the artist and visit their profile. You will see play counts beside each song inside the Popular section.

How can you cancel Spotify Premium?

To cancel Spotify Premium, register to Spotify in the web browser and visit Account > Change Plan > Cancel Premium > Yes. In the event you subscribed through iTunes, you need to cancel your money from your iOS device or iTunes on the pc.

How can you delete my Spotify account?

To seal your Spotify account, visit support.spotify.com/contact-spotify-support/ and select Account > If only to shut my account. Be sure that you cancel your Spotify Premium subscription first for individuals who’ve one.

How can you change my Spotify username?

To change your Spotify display name, visit Settings inside the application, tap your username, then tap Edit Profile. Alternatively, link your Spotify account to Facebook to exhibit your Facebook name and photo.

How can you download songs on Spotify?

This feature is simply designed for compensated subscribers. Open a playlist or album on Spotify, then pick the Download toggle switch. All of the songs will probably be saved for the device so that you can listen offline.

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