7 Inspiring Gift Ideas to Honor and Motivate Employees

‘A company is known by the people it keeps’ is a famous quote by Will Rogers and it is obviously inspired by an oft-repeated cliché, a man is known by the company he keeps. Motivated employees can passionately contribute towards organizational growth. Here are some practical gift ideas to instill the sense of belonging and ownership into the minds of your workforce.

Think utility

Ideal gifts for employees need to be useful in their day-to-day lives. This will ensure that the employees recall the occasion and develop a strong connection with the company. You can consider placing a chocolate gift box online order that is delivered on the same dayalong with another gift item such as cakes, flowers, or personal accessories.

Budget-friendly corporate gifts are highly sought after by small and medium enterprises who want to save on costs while making sure that the morale of employees is kept high.

Make it personal and distinctive

A stylish pen with the logo of your company along with the name of the employee is an ideal gift to be distributed among all staff members on special occasions such as foundation day or anniversary of the company’s inception. Employee gifts should have both, company logo as well as individual names of employees embossed on the outer side can be easily noticed.

This helps an employee appreciate his or her attachment with the company. Your employees are sure to feel happy and keep the pen as a valuable gift from the company. Always make sure that the pen should be of a good brand. Similarly, you can also think of other useful gift options such as a laptop bag or sleeve. The laptop bag should also have the logo of the company printed along with the first name of the employee.

Appreciation of achievements

These gifts can be also considered to encourage employees to excel in their work. Employee of the month awards should be planned and a small trophy and a certificate should be presented to the winner by the CEO or chairman of the company.

Employees who excel in various activities such as a new order, highest customer ratings, completion of the project within timelines, etc. should be felicitated by offering small gifts and chocolates.

Appreciation motivates employees to put in their best efforts and this will improve the overall productivity of the organization. Many companies have reward systems in place

Celebration of milestones

Birthdays need not be only a family affair. After all, an organization is also an extended family for every employee. Celebration of birthdays in the company helps improve employee relations. These events are also vital for promoting a sense of belonging among staff members.

Birthday celebration in office

Nothing like distribution of chocolates to celebrate a birthday in the office. Birthday gifts can be ordered by using chocolate gift box online order services. Gifting a utility item is a good idea and you can think of buying water bottles, tiffin boxes, and similar useful items as birthday gifts for employees. Personalized gifts can also be ordered through online gift shops.

Recognizing an employee on a work anniversary

Work anniversary is one of the most milestones for an employee. Many enterprises celebrate the tenth work anniversary of their employees. According to new trends, every work anniversary is also celebrated by offering a unique gift, such as work anniversary awards, to appreciate the contribution of the employee.

Specially ordered flower bouquet with a personal letter from the CEO of the company will help recognize the services of staff members. If it is a milestone work anniversary, then one can think of a crystal trophy that carries the engraved message and signature of the company’s managing director. This award will also inspire other employees to continue working hard to achieve the long-term goals of the organization.

Consider online gift shops

Gifts for employees can be purchased through online gifting sites that facilitate chocolate gift box online order or any other gift item such as flowers, cakes, and so forth. A motivated and hard-working workforce is the most critical asset of any organization. Recognition of employee’s contribution is necessary to boost the morale of employees.

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