3 Tips To Decorating Your Home As A Couple Moving In Together For The First Time!

Home As A Couple Moving

If you are moving in with your partner for the first time, everything may seem all cute and cuddles at first, but as the days pass by you will begin to realize just how much patience is required to live with someone. While you are glad that you get to wake up next to your partner every morning, this excitement will soon die down when your partner asks you the best spot to hang a framed jersey of their favorite NFL team.

The most tiring part of moving in with your partner is perhaps decorating your home together and learning how to pair your delicate poufs with your partner’s leather recliners. To make moving in a breeze, given below are three tips for decorating your home as a couple moving in together for the first time:

1.     First and foremost set up your bedroom

The very first step you should take as a couple moving in together is to set up your bedroom. Setting up your entire home and essentially merging two living spaces into one is likely to take up to a few weeks, and to do so peacefully you should at least have your sleeping situation sorted. Hence, setting up your bedroom should be a priority.

You should opt for a king-sized bed that can be shared with your partner and should search for king bed frames at Luxo Living. Pair that with matching side tables, a rug, and a simple vanity, and your bedroom would be good to go for the meantime.

2.     Learn to mutually agree and compromise

It is theoretically impossible that your and your partner’s choice matches every decor decision in your home. While your partner may like a neutral setting featuring marble and suede, you may prefer a bright and colorful setting featuring jute and terrazzo. In such situations, you must both learn to compromise and mutually agree on certain things.

Not every battle is worth fighting, and as a couple, you both need to mutually agree on how you will be designing spaces. If you get your way with the living room, let your partner have their say in designing the patio. It is all about learning to compromise and creating space that you both will mutually cherish.

3.     Go furniture shopping together

An important aspect of moving in with your partner is enjoying the entire process and gaining inspiration for what your space should look like in mutual agreement. Hence, you should be doing so by going furniture shopping together. Visit furniture stores, lifestyle shops, vintage stores, and art shops together to gain inspiration about what your home should look like.

Doing so will help you gain perspective about each other’s choices, choose pieces that you both love, and can also be a great date idea.


Moving in with a partner for the first time can be quite lovey-dovey at first, but can soon turn ugly if you don’t learn how to manage all aspects of living together correctly. A couple needs to exercise patience and mutually respect each other throughout the entire process.