Zurich Taxi Transfer: A Safe and Simple Option

Customers can now enjoy a high-end, knowledgeable and courteous airport taxi service with Zurich Airport Taxi Transfer. Other services they offer include a personal chauffeured ride, private loading and unloading at your destination without having to walk long distances yourself.

What is Zurich Taxi Transfer?

This app is a transport service that takes a 50% commission per ride. When starting a ride it requests two fares, one from the driver and the second from the passenger. Once both parties agree to their rides using this service, the fare changes from the initial price of €5 to €4. Despite this fee, Zurich Taxi Transfer is rated very highly by people with many years of experience in the business of transporting people.

Why is it Safer and Simpler than Regular Taxis?

Regular taxis are not safe because they do not frequent checked-in cars. Closed dispatch cabs, on the other hand, pick up riders only on authorized card upon arrival to an airport. This makes it easy to know that there are no threats or suspicions reserved for your safety. Zurich Taxi Transfer offers safe, reliable and relatively cheaper taxi rides. The company takes care of all the arrangements such as where to pick up and drop off the rider along with other services.

How much does a Zurich taxi cost? 

The average cost of a Zurich taxi is €7.25, but this is dependent on the time and place of your commute. For instance, if you would like to be picked up more than six minutes outside of the city center or stay in one of the busiest boroughs for more than 15 minutes, the price will vary. Otherwise, €7.25 is usually worth it as long as traffic isn’t too awful and you’re not trying to travel across two boroughs!

Why use Zurich taxi transfer?

Using a taxi transfer is a safe and easy way to reduce stress and offer traveller options. Travelers can choose from different flight times, airports and modes of transportation. This company offers transfers from any airport or train station to hotel or residence with utmost security and great service. Zurich Taxi transfer specialises exclusively in airport taxi transfers. They operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have a dedicated airport transfer fleet. Their rates are affordable by airport standards, with prices depending on time of the day and destination. Customers are also able to choose alternative modes of transportation such as their own car if they wish to not utilise an airport taxi.

How to book your ride

When you need to get from one destination to another, transportation is key. Sometimes you don’t want to drive and parking can be expensive or inconvenient; that’s where we come in! You can easily book a Zurich Taxi Transfer for any time and place quickly, and it’s the simplest way to get what you want: a safe and convenient ride without all the hassle.


Zurich Taxi Transfer is a safe and simple option. Thanks to their knowledge of the airport, they can save you 25% on your transfer costs, even when you buy your package all in one day. Booking a transport back home or a taxi is always fun and interesting.