Zero Waste Travel Essentials For A Lighter Footprint!

How You Can Travel & Leave No Trace

It sometimes seems like our zero-waste habits have a backseat when we’re on-the-go departing a trail of wrappers, plastic and disposable products within our wake. Don’t forget be so difficult on ourselves, regardless of what we all do where we go, waste is inevitable. It’s the way we decide to handle it, as well as prepare yourself to steer clear of the waste, that actually counts. Besides, traveling is perfect for residing in as soon as and is supposed to participate in! This can be used zero-waste listing that will help you reduce waste on every adventure.

So, Conscious Travelers, whether you’re rubber stamping your passport or taking a car trip, here’s your best guide regarding how to tread gently anywhere you go. And when you’re going further, provide the DIY Travel Hands Wipes a go, too!

Zero-Waste Food Drink

Travel Essentials

Multiple-use bags, like Stasher’s silicone ziploc-style bags, are sturdy, simple to neat and are available in a variety of sizes. Forms of ideal for planes and provide fragile products some cushion.

Multiple-use utensil set

Bamboo containers, in large sizes to carry soups, salads or sandwiches and smaller portions perfectly hold your snacks

  • Multiple-use water bottle and/or coffee tumbler
  • Multiple-use sponges and/or cloth napkins
  • Zero-Waste Beauty Wellness
  • Travel Essentials
  • Small mister bottle to keep skin hydrated or removing stains
  • Nail brush to clean beneath the nails and remaining healthy
  • Roll-on essential oils for example lavender, lemon or peppermint (ideal for motion sickness!)
  • Handkerchief or cotton face models for absorbing oil or removing make-up
  • Aluminum soap box and multiple-use travel containers for fluids

DIY Travel Hands Wipes

Whether it’s a sticky situation or perhaps a quick refresh at some stage in your travels, you’ll end up grabbing a hands wipe. Ditch the disposables and rather, help make your own eco-friendly, non-toxic hands wipes which you can use over and over. It’s an easy and quick recipe that just requires three ingredients. Here’s how:


A little or medium shatterproof container (stainless is good) that may hold a minimum of 7 oz.

  • 3-4 cotton rags, cloth, flannel or perhaps bits of old t-shirts is going to do! Cut these to size so that they fit the container
  • 2 glasses of tepid to warm water
  • 7 drops of castile soap
  • 5 drops of acrylic, like lavender, lemon or other things you want

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Put the fabric inside a large mason jar and add some tepid to warm water, soapy oil. Tightly seal the lid and shake to mix. Do that a couple of days before leaving therefore the fabric can absorb all of the fluids, then transfer these to the travel container. Pour only a small little bit of the liquid within the fabric to help keep it moist and layer them in so that they are snug from the walls from the container and one another to help keep from becoming dry. That’s it! Simply grab your wipes and go.


You could spritz all of them with water to ensure that they’re moist as well as bring a travel-sized container of castile soap if you want to create a new batch. When you are getting home, toss them within the wash and reuse them for the next time.

More Zero-Waste Travel Tips

Pack your personal snacks and food in advance inside your multiple-use bags or containers. Always pack more to prevent the inevitable spur-of-the-moment purchases advertising media are from food!

You may also take along beeswax wrap in order to save half-eaten snacks or keep the food fresh on the highway

Some coffee houses aren’t permitted to pour coffee straight into your mug and will need to create it for you inside a paper cup first. Australian company, Sipp, makes instant coffee in compostable bags. Additionally they make chai and matcha eco-friendly tea to sip on-the-go, too! Game changers.

Waste isn’t because an issue when it’s discarded or recycled correctly. Search for recycling cans as well as compost bins wherever you’ll find them.

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