Yoshinoya Menu With Prices

Are you Japanese and migrated to The united states recently, which means you are omitting your customary Japanese foodstuff. Now, your choose a customary dining establishment that functions the most effective old fashioned Japanese food stuff finishes with Yoshinoya dining.

Yoshinoya is famous for its beef dishes. Their list primarily encompasses distinct types of bowls like teriyaki fowl, traditional meat with veggie and grilled BBQ beef. They also have kids‘ sides, drinks, desserts, meals and appetizers.

I really hope you became a thought with regards to their list. In addition to the list, I had also included get in touch, business and vitamin and mineral information. But before jumping to their menu, let’s have a quick glimpse at their menu.

Eikichi Matsuda started off Yoshinoya dining establishment in 1899. The first cafe he opened up is inside China. Within the existing time, Yoshinoya has greater than 2000 destinations in three or more nations with well over 4000 personnel along with its head office in Kita, Tokyo, China.

Yoshinoya Menu Fees

Yoshinoya Menu includes colorful and delicious combination bowls, substantial dishes that they may have chopped veggies, beef that may be simmered in sweet and savory herb miso soy broth, a normal serving that could be served with accolade-successful rice of Yoshinoya.

The Navigation of Yoshinoya also has a boys and girls selection that would be not hot and uniquely intended for the savory flavor of youngsters ., alluring appetizers, sizzling ends with myriad number, delightful sweets, appetizing products.

Yoshinoya functions pure food and flavors which are influenced by Japanese traditions and their employees are very very well-professional, serving the clients with a warm pleasing. They prefer all the compounds which have been exported from China to make their meals more relevant.

Yoshinoya price is quite high due to the list of ingredients they export coming from the indigenous location and is situated between $1 to $10. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Yoshinoya Menu Prices.

Combo Bowls

Combo Bowl $7.99

Large Bowls

Large Original Beef $7.79
Large Original Beef with Veggie $7.79
Large Teriyaki Chicken $7.79
Large Grilled BBQ Beef $7.79
Large Orange Chicken $7.79
Large Habanero Chicken $7.79
Large Boneless Wings $7.79
Large Sweet Chili Shrimp $9.04

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Regular Bowls

Regular Original Beef $6.79
Regular Original Beef with Veggie $6.79
Regular Teriyaki Chicken $6.79
Regular Orange Chicken $6.79
Regular Habanero Chicken $6.79
Regular Boneless Wings $6.79
Regular Grilled Tilapia $6.79
Regular Grilled BBQ Beef $6.79
Regular Sweet Chili Shrimp $7.79
Regular Mixed Vegetables $4.99

Kids Meal

Kid Original Beef $4.99
Kid Teriyaki Chicken $4.99
Kid Orange Chicken $4.99
Kid Grilled BBQ Beef $4.99


Appetizers 2 4
Veggie Spring Rolls $1.69 $3.09


Appetizers 4 6
Boneless Wings $4.29 $5.29


Cham Powder $2.25

Side Orders

Original Beef Only $4.99
Grilled BBQ Beef Only $4.99
Sweet Chili Shrimp Only $5.99
Orange Chicken Only $4.99
Teriyaki Chicken Only $4.99
Habanero Chicken Only $4.99
Grilled Tilapia Only $4.99
White Rice Only $2.09
Not So Fried Rice $2.69
Brown Rice Only $2.09
Vegetables Only $2.09
Coleslaw Only $2.09
Potatoes Only $2.09
Teriyaki Sauce Only $0.65


Flan $2.25
Cheesecake $2.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.85
Donut Dippers $2.25

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Bottled Water $2.79
Apple Juice $2.79
Orange Juice $2.79
Pepsi $2.79
Diet Pepsi $2.79
Sierra Mist $2.79


Soy Sauce $0.00
Ginger $0.00
Red Pepper $0.00
Sriracha Sauce $0.00