Celebrating The Present Journey: Our Experience At The Yellow Conference 2017!

A Indication To Embrace The Current Journey

We’d the pleasure of attending The Yellow Conference in August, where we met and heard tales from inspiring ladies who are utilizing their platforms to help make the world a much better place. The Yellow Conference is definitely an annual event, getting together 500 female creatives thinking about doing social good, which year’s theme was The Current Journey.

We too frequently get up to date in “coming,” that people neglect to celebrate the milestones we have met and also the mountain tops we have rose on the way. The 2010 Yellow Conference would be a beautiful indication to embrace your way.

So, on August 24th, we demonstrated up prepared to learn and become inspired – and also the conference didn’t dissatisfy. On the top of all of the amazing loudspeakers, Yellow had superbly curated a marketplace where we’ve got someone-on-one face time with this favorite founders and discovered new social impact brands!

Photo Credit Cacà Santoro

A lot of our favorites incorporated:

Hiptipico relies in Guatemala and showcases the gorgeous work of Maya artisans. Their goods recognition traditional designs and are manufactured from sustainable & repurposed materials. We especially love their camera straps as well as their travel pouches.

UNCVRD Jewelry’s easy and stunning gem jewellery had us mesmerized. Their layered necklaces and delicate earrings assistance to prevent and save women from human trafficking.

Imani Collective demonstrated business non-toxic, hand crafted children’s items that are ideal for the thoughtful home. We like their empowerment model, not to mention, adore their hand crafted llama pillow.

LoveLight Paper’s sweet style and provide-back business design inspired us during our coffee break. We like their art prints and cards, plus, for each product you buy they offer meals to some child in need of assistance.

Parker Clay sparked our adventurous affiliate with their travel-friendly leather products which are handcrafted in Ethiopia. They work with organizations to assist at-risk women avoid the commercial sex trade.

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5 Key Takeaways In The Yellow Conference

After experiencing the marketplace, i was happy to hear many informative talks from diverse loudspeakers. We came away with 5 key takeaways that’ll be resonating with this team throughout this season as you would expect:

Believe In Gut

When Golriz Lucina, Mind of Creative at SoulPancake, shared her top training for “creativity like a party of one”, they incorporated embracing your constraints, banishing naysayers, and understanding that your weirdest ideas might be your very best ideas. But the one which most resonated around ended up being to never underestimate the gut check. If she didn’t trust her gut, they’d haven’t released The Final Days, a effective Tv show with Justin Baldoni about individuals living while knowing they’re dying. Especially in the realm of do-good marketing and storytelling, our gut check is among the most effective tools we’ve.

Empowerment Is Not Only A Transaction

Pointless to state, i was pretty pumped to listen to from your favorite nonprofit, Krochet Kids, as well as their co-founder Kohl Greyson. We sometimes spend a lot time storytelling and writing communications that people overlook the people on the floor carrying it out, regardless of the entire premise in our work. While Kohl empathized finding what you’re proficient at and making an effect with individuals skills, Krochet Kids aims to humanize the apparel industry, infusing humanity and existence into being global citizens.

It is so vital that you share tales and perspectives which make all of us better global citizens, involved in a life-style of giving back and empowering others. But, we have to be conscious to be exploitative or from the ‘savior complex’. Empowerment is all about a lot more than that, and building the connection between your consumers makers is definitely an integral bit of that.

We’re Nothing Without Sustainable Self-Care

With this particular current political climate, it’s simpler than ever before for all of us do-gooders and activists to lose out. That is why i was so elated to listen to conversations revolving around self-care, anxiety, and depression, and the way to manage our work and lives during demanding occasions. Whether or not they touched upon stress at work, finding your true buddies, or self-investment, the next training from loudspeakers are only a couple of that really spoke to all of us:

“Don’t just network for work, network for existence, too. Find your tribe where one can open up to each other without judgement. We are able to empower one another thoroughly.” – Chauncea, Co-Boss from the Fount Group

“What you need to do isn’t what you are. That which you do is simply proof of how amazing you’re.” – Moorea Seal, store designer

“Continue to work harder on yourself than you need to do your work.” – Eryn Eddy, founding father of So Worth Loving

“Talk to yourself the way in which you’d speak to your closest friend or child – that self-love is really important.” – Alex Michael May, Entrepreneur

“It’s our obligation to make use of our influences and voices with respect to women and then fight for other people. Do what you ought to do in order to fight burn up and do self-care, after which move ahead.” – Natalie Warne, TED Speaker Activist

“Words and language perform a congrats of summing up something, however they don’t help you look at an individual and also the magic on the planet.” – Lisa Gungor, Award-Winning Singer

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Apply Activism & Advocacy To The Everyday Lifestyle

We’ve viewed Natalie Warne’s TED Discuss her use Invisible Children (and Oprah!) several or more occasions, so we were especially fan-girling when Natalie required happens. Her story was incredibly moving and effective, and she or he highlighted the truth that we always educate people that they need to make a move, but we don’t educate them what or how.

Being an activist, she trains others in advocacy work, explaining that advocacy isn’t a trait we’re all born with it’s a muscle we have to exercise again and again. But we have to incorporate advocacy like a life-style change, not always just within the big moments. The strength of applying telecomutting saves gas isn’t just at the disposal of politicians and also the 1%, it offers many of us as communities, organizers, and business proprietors.

Who’re We And Just How Does That Induce Change?

Possibly probably the most influential talk for all of us was entrepreneur author Holley Murchison’s – she truly made us distill who we’re from what we should do, and the way to use our purpose. She’s an attractive articulate speaker who gave us chills: “You need to exist fully and freely in the only thing you are. All individuals moving parts, your values, your beliefs – that’s what you are. It informs what you’re about and just what you’ll lead.”

With an exercise, we walked through our backgrounds and interests, values and beliefs, passions and aspirations, and skills and achievements. How shall we be using our skills permanently? What exactly are everything we’d die for, but we rather decide to love them? All this summarized brought to the personal introductions tales. So that as Holley stated, “Good tales let you know how compare unique car features. Good tales create change, and good tales let you know who you need to vibe use.”

After these a couple of days, we walked away feeling energized and able to create a more intentional difference utilizing these training. We’re already thinking about coming back towards the Yellow Conference for 2018 – are you joining us?