Why Traditional Gifts for Office Staff Don’t Work Anymore?

Richard Branson who founded The Virgin Group has aptly outlined the significance of employees in one of his famous quotes, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Businesses depend on their employees to excel in all types of performance parameters including customer excellence, customer engagement, online reputation, sales growth, project turnaround time, and many more. Moreover, ordering a gift, flowers, chocolates is now extremely convenient with the online option. One can instantly place orders for gifts only by searching for cake delivery near me.

Traditional gifts- thing of the past

Practice of presenting gifts to employees has been adopted by several businesses. However, the standard custom of offering boxes of sweets or dry fruits to employees during Diwali is slowly losing its relevance.

Gifting all employees en masse is not the right thing as it lacks a personal touch. Usually, such gifts are either distributed by peons or sent through curriers. Personal recognition and engagement is a new mantra for successful employee engagement.

Need for enhanced staff relationships

Unfortunately, majority of entrepreneurs are so much obsessed with focusing on external factors to win greater market share for their products or services, that they neglect the value of staff members who are their true corporate ambassadors.

Noble management terms such as ‘internal customers’ are swiftly forgotten as management graduates leave institutes and start their own enterprise or join an organization after winning a fat salary package.

Since the entire focus is on winning new clients and retaining existing ones, employee contribution to achieving these goals is usually overlooked. You must attach equal importance to clients and employees because your staff members are as valuable as your customers for the growth and prosperity of your business enterprise.

Employees not only dedicate their brains and muscles to help you realize your business dreams but also devote more time in office than their own families. Professional relationships are as valuable as personal relationships and therefore you must nurture office staff as passionately as you take care of your near and dear ones.

Recognizing employees for their achievements, celebrating their employment milestones, and other important days such as anniversaries and birthdays can certainly go a long way.

Gifting is an important aspect of improving employee engagement as you can easily order gifts such as flowers, cards, and cakes by searching online for cake delivery near meYou will find an amazing assortment of meaningful gifts for your employees for any occasion or even a non-occasion on these online gift stores.

Key benefits of staff gifting

Staff members deserve frequent pampering for their loyalty and passionate contribution to your business enterprise. Offering innovative and thoughtful gifts to them on a number of occasions, recognizing their benchmark achievements, and celebrating their contribution is the new trend of employee excellence.

Thoughtful gifts can help win the loyalties of your employees and reduce staff turnover. Regular gifts to employees for celebrating even their small achievements help boost sense of purpose and attachment by reducing stress at the workplace.

Gifts act as a morale booster for employees who will always value your supportive and grateful attitude. Even a small gift is a good gesture that can go a long way in establishing a lasting and mutually gratifying association.