What to get a new couple starting out who have nothing!

In 2022, many couples, by the time they get married, have already lived with college roommates or they have lived together.  However, there are still some couples who when they get married, are actually just starting out in their own home.

My son is in this position.  Both he and his bride were living with their parents before deciding to get married.  So when they are thinking about creating their lives together, they truly are starting from nothing.

I wonder if I could just give him some Fair Go casino bonuses (hhhmmmm)…

Review of items that all new households need to start out

I have not reviewed each of these products individually.  These ideas are more designed to make us think about what a new couple needs to start their life together.

Glass mixing bowls with lids

Mixing bowls are always very useful, but getting a set that have good quality matching lids is worth the little extra investment.  For $54.99 you can get a set of 5 mixing bowls with matching lids.  These mixing bowls can handle being used in the microwave.  You can even place these mixing bowls in the oven.  They are microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

Metal mixing bowls with lids

The advantage of metal mixing bowls is that they are lighter than glass, so when you are trying to mix things around, having a lighter bowl to work with is nice.

Again, getting a set that comes with lids will be appreciated by the new couple.  You can get a set of 7 mixing bowls with lids for $23.99.

Table cloth for the dining room table

Even if you do not want to have to deal with cloth napkins, a nice table cloth on a table can change an everyday table to something special.  And cleanup is as simple as putting the table cloth into the washing machine.

Nevertheless, do not waste money on cloth napkins.  I have never used cloth napkins and in my whole adult life, I have never seen anybody else use cloth napkins.  Table cloths are worth the investment, but cloth napkins are a waste of money.

Two sets of sheets for whatever size bed the couple has

Every couple needs two sets of comfortable sheets for their bed.  One on the bed and one in the laundry.

A light blanket for cool nights, and a heavy comforter for cold nights – depending on place of residence, of course.

8 piece towel set

This set costs $29.99 and it has two oversized bath towels, two hand towels, and 4 wash cloths.  There are 26 different colors to choose from: black, white, burgundy, charcoal, chocolate brown, coral orange, green, hot pink, ivory, jade, light gray, mineral blue, mustard, navy, neon green, olive green, orange, peach, pink, purple, sea green, sky blue, tan, teal, turquoise, and yellow.  Or….whatever colors your local store has.

Toilet plunger and bowl brush

For $21.98 you can get a nice set of a toilet plunger and a bowl brush that comes with a nice holder.  Every bathroom needs these items to be in easy reach.  To have a place for them, that is not an eye sore, the new couple will appreciate.

Multipurpose cleaning caddy with a handle

For $13.69 you can get a nice caddy to hold the cleaning supplies.  To be able to easily carry cleaning items around while cleaning the house would be much appreciated.

Microfiber feather duster set

For $27.98 you can get a multi-piece dusting set that includes a bag to store the supplies.  The set includes extended pole, keyboard cleaning brush, crevice cleaning brush, straw cleaning brush, two gloves, window blind cleaner, and a big storage bag.  There is also a flat duster brush for cleaning under the sofa, bed, refrigerator, closet, and under all furniture.  Finally, the set includes a ceiling fan duster.

Essentially, the set includes all of those non-standard cleaning supplies that are very useful, and not regularly available in a standard department store.

Just the thing to clean windows, mirrors, photo frames, air conditioner outlet, drain area, ceiling, chandelier, cabinets, car, office, and kitchen.

Glass mason jars and plastic lids, freezer

Freezer mason jars are very handy for storing food in the cabinet, fridge, or freezer.  A set of 9 costs $22.  But get rid of the metal lids that come with it.  They are more of a pain then they are worth, unless you plan to do traditional canning.  Otherwise, just buy a set of 16 wide mouth plastic lids.  Plastic lids can handle being in the cabinet, fridge, or freezer.

For most canning recipes that I cook, I just put the canning to the freezer and the food is fine for 6 months on average.

Although, I would recommend investing in a good quality chest freezer.

Set of oven mitts and pot holders

Good quality oven mitts and pot holders can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  For $20.79 you can get a set that has two oven mitts, two pot holders, four kitchen towels, and four kitchen dish towls.  Perfect!

Set of 15 air tight food storage containers with lids

These containers are different than mason jars in that they are plastic.  On the other hand, they look nice, so you can stick them on the counter and they are not an eye sore.  The cost is $26.34.

19 piece knife set

This is one of the most expensive items I have listed at a cost of $499.95.  But knives that are good quality are an investment.  These are stainless steel dishwasher safe knives.  The set includes: 2.75-inch peeling knife, 4-inch paring knife, 4.5-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch utility knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 8-inch chef’s knife and bread knife, 4.5-inch steak knife set of 8, kitchen shears, sharpening steel, and wood knife block.

20 piece kitchen cleaning set

This cleaning set is specifically designed for the kitchen.  It includes a Sterlite large dish rack and drainboard set, kitchen towel set , 1 microfiber drying towel & 1 cotton kitchen towels, kitchen sink caddy,  sponge holder, kitchen sponges pack, 2 heavy duty scrub sponge & 1 non scratch sponges, stainless steel scrubber 4, large rubber gloves for dishwashing, rubber kitchen sink stopper x3, sink strainers for kitchen sink x3, kitchen brushes for dishes , dish scrub brush with handle & a long bottle brush.

Everything that a couple needs to get started with keeping their kitchen clean.  Total cost is $49.97.

70 piece set, kitchen starter set

You can choose your color choice for the dishes and the pots and pans.

The cost is $379, but it includes everything that you need to get started with your cooking needs.

In the cookware set, it includes 2 saucepans, one casserole dish, and two frying pans.  All of the items are dishwasher safe.

The dinnerware set includes a four person place setting that includes dinner plates, side plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, and stainless steel cutlery (forks, knives, spoons).  All items are dishwasher and microwave safe, with the exception of the cutlery.

There is also a roasting tray, a pair of oven mitts, a pack of kitchen dish towels, a mixing bowl and jug, a colander, and a stainless steel sieve.

There is also tongs, soup ladle, serving spoon, spatula, rubber spatula, cheese grader, cutting board, and large knives.

Pyrex measuring cups

A set of 3 glass measuring cups: 1 cup, 2 cups, and 4 cups at a cost of $24.99

Stain less steel measuring cups and measuring spoons

A set of metal measuring cups and measuring spoons at a cost of $12.99.


And this list does not even being to talk about couches, beds, closets, bookshelves, small appliances and large appliances.

Of course the prices here are sample prices of what I’ve found online.  Your local stores could come in higher or lower.  The purpose is to give you ideas of all the small things we don’t think about but do definitely add up when you’re buying everything!

Starting a new home is not cheap.  But we all hope it will be a home filled with love and lots of memories.