How To Find (And Curate) Your Personal Aesthetic

How Can You Find Your Look?

I’ve always known my style well, even while it’s altered through the years. I discovered Tumblr while very young, scrolling for hrs pre-Pinterest and pre-Instagram. (Thank heavens for your-suburban Oc wasn’t exactly checking my style boxes.)

I studied the outfits of Alexa Chung-even lower towards the haircut-harder than any school subject. And, I put pretty much every trend in the wall to determine what can stick and feel quite “me.” I quickly transitioned from Juicy Couture tracksuits to 100% thrifted outfits, traded my mens polo shirt for band tees, and located myself-and my style-on the way.

Personal style reveals a lot about who we’re and just what our experience reaches at a point. However when our style is within flux or if this strays from what we should understood so that it is, it feels elusive and difficult to understand. We’re vulnerable to change-our styles change once we change. The greatest real question is, exactly how should we really sharpen with that personal aesthetic?

“Developing your look is similar to nurturing your personality-it requires some time and persistence.”

It starts by going easy on yourself. Working on your style is similar to nurturing your personality-it requires some time and persistence. I really like this quote from Leandra Medine Cohen:

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“Let your look take place. Let existence start to display on you, allow nature to consider its course after which adjust, modify, accept what you’re making it the very best. But there’s an component which i believe is frequently overlooked and appears to become in the crux of defining your look, and that’s honesty. You cannot know your look before you know yourself.”

Though my own style has certainly developed through the years, I’ve nailed lower some useful strategies for anybody searching to complete exactly the same. So, let’s dive in to the journey to find yourself-ahem, one’s style.


When I pointed out before, my 14 year-old self idolized Alexa Chung. French girl beauty? I needed British girl beauty, and that i wanted it bad. I acquired the haircut, attempted to obtain the cheeky vintage tees, and despite getting vastly different figures, even attempted to duplicate the outfits piece-by-piece.

That obsession has morphed into an affection (and recognition that several things just do not work for me personally). Since that time, I’ve looked to individuals whose style feels much like mine and whose body looks much like mine, so I’ve got a better knowledge of how something will fit me. It’s helped a great deal to not feel crushed through the realization which i won’t ever possess a model figure, too. Go, body neutrality!

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When thinking about style icons, consider movie figures you like, musicians, or yes, even Instagram-celebs. No shame in lovin’ around the celebrity game-they’ve stylists for any reason.

“Whether it’s for your house or your clothing, consider why is you are feeling good.”

Exactly the same rings true for interior decor style, too find people whose lifestyles and spaces feel highly relevant to yours. Since the beginning of sheltering-at-home, I’ve been in a pursuit to re-zhuzh my house. I moved, too (/10, don’t recommend a duration of global disease), which solved the problem sell, donate, and gift products which were aligned with “old me” and produce in products that felt consistent with “new me.”

Remember after i stated personal style represents us? Which means it’s likely to change using the seasons and also be while you do.

When searching for inspo, whether it’s for your house or your clothing, consider why is you are feeling good. What is the look you saw inside your beloved Instagram Explore page that gave a tingling, gotta-have-it feeling? Chase that! If you are finding styles that frequently provide you with that “are we flirting? Is that this to start dating ??” butterfly sensation, I believe which means you’re onto something.

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Once you’ve pulled together your icons and inspirations, discover the through line. Exist certain colors involved? Shapes? Styles? Finding your individual style isn’t about finding one look and sticking with it like glue, however, you will be able to have some common denominators during these #inspo pics you’ve sourced.


Don’t go going to the mall (or Depop…or Etsy) before you’ve produced an image board. If you are a tactile person, you are able to absolutely print and paste pictures, words, ~vibes~ together. I love to do that in Illustrator, too! It will help to visually construct all your interests to sharpen in it.

“Really picture the existence you like and paste it lower, school-project style.”

Lounging your inspirations out visually is a terrific way to see commonalities in what and who you’re attracted to. My mood board tip is to use a variety of media. Color swatches, beautiful pictures of wine at the lake if that’s your factor-really picture the existence you like and paste it lower, school-project style. Once you’ve produced this dream board, you can observe what aligns using what you already own and just what feels remote.

3. PRACTICE Persistence (AND SELF-Empathy)

Instagram, Pinterest-they’re all double-edged swords. Exactly the same tools to help you find inspiration around the world would be the very ones that’ll always make you feel much like your taste, home, or personality will never be quite it, never quite “enough.”

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This is actually the pressure of perfection, which we’re certain to feel when Instagram highlights just the most curated moments. We all know very well the pressures of maintaining an ideal home-don’t get too distracted by them. Sometimes Personally i think such as the vision within my mind doesn’t match my look IRL, and that’s okay. Small steps!

As Lydia Okello states, “Don’t seem like you need to change everything all at one time – it’s okay to progressively morph in to the next iteration of your family style, as an Anamorphs cover.”

“The same tools to help you find inspiration would be the very ones that’ll always make you feel much like your taste, home, or personality will never be quite it, never quite ‘enough.’”

Finding your individual style is much like fitting plenty of hats, or dresses, or more-piece sets, to see the things that work. The next time you’re hunting an influencer’s account whose existence is filled with baguettes and biking through Amsterdam, really consider what it’s regarding their lifestyle that you would like to use for your own and do it now.

Personal appearance develop with time, plus they age like dark red-take some time together with your maturation.