How To Use Feng Shui To Create A Peaceful & Intentional Home!

The Way We Feel Inside A Space Matters

Everyone knows the sensation of entering an area and our senses heightening in ways that’s energizing, inspired, or calm. We be aware of sense of entering an area and feeling uncomfortable or unsettled. These reactions towards the spaces around us are members of the traditional Chinese practice of feng shui. Although the research is highly complex and go as far back 6,000 years, the way we feel inside a space is feng shui in the most stripped-lower form.

“When you incorporate the techniques of feng shui right into a space, you’re basically goal setting techniques for what you would like to create to your existence.”

The term feng means “wind” and also the word shui means “water.” In Chinese culture, wind and water are indicating a healthy body, and therefore, fortune. Whenever you incorporate the techniques of feng shui right into a space, you’re basically goal setting techniques for what you would like to create to your existence. On the other hand, this Chinese practice shows that whenever we have misfortune or misfortune in existence, we might be residing in an area with bad feng shui.

Feng shui can also be rooted within the Chinese philosophy of yin & yang powers. The idea of yin & yang is the fact that all things in our existence consists of two opposing forces neither can do without another. These forces include light and dark, feminine and masculine, and soft and hard, to mention a couple of. In feng shui, this idea is displayed in the way we must balance the chaos around us to produce peace within our lives. It’s a fascinating concept that-as humans-we’re forever moving through our existence with two opposing, yet interconnected, forces.

To assist further comprehend the concept, feng shui expert Rodika Tchi explains, “Consider feng shui to become like acupuncture for your house, realizing the power meridians that feel out of whack and just how you might like to ‘poke’ or treat individuals areas.” She also highlights that feng shui can be explained as an exercise of “connecting the mind, body, and spirit together with your space.”

“Stuck energy in your home frequently pertains to stuck energy in your body…[decluttering provides for us] use of new ideas, to restored motivation to create changes, to merely feeling better, lighter, and breathing simpler.”


Feng shui may even exceed organizing and decorating, and achieve a much deeper emotional and physical place. The feng shui expert Lorrie Webb of Thriving Spaces discusses how she works together with clients to handle clutter in the home, and just how it’s linked to our wellbeing. “We communicate a lot about clutter and just how important it’s to obvious it because clutter means stuck energy,” she states. “Stuck energy in your home frequently pertains to stuck energy in your body, be responsible for health problems. I frequently discover that when clients declutter, that new energy flow works well for a wide variety of ways from use of new ideas, to restored motivation to create changes, to merely feeling better, lighter, and breathing simpler.”

If you are available feng shui to produce a more intentional living atmosphere, here are a few things you can do to obtain began.

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1. EVALUATE Your Requirements

To start achieving feng shui in your house, begin by thinking about what regions of your existence feel out of whack. Also consider what-when it comes to health, love, and cash-you want you’d in additional abundance. After this you want to check out what parts of your house may go through unbalanced, for example areas that feel cluttered. Begin by focusing on individuals.


After you have considered what areas in your house and existence need focus, you need to create something known as an “energy map,” or perhaps a bagua, converted from Chinese as “eight areas.” These eight areas in your house should define eight major areas inside your existence which are required for happiness. They include: Health/Family, Money/Abundance, Fame/Status, Love/Marriage, Children/Creativeness, Benefits/Fortune, Career/Existence Path, and Spirit/Growth.


In those parts of the bagua, you will find colors and earth elements to include into spaces for various outcomes. Ideally, each area of your house may have all the elements to produce balance, however the designated areas for growth might have more prominent colors, for the way you need to grow. To obtain began in developing a bagua, this can be a useful how-to steer to obtain a visual example and step-by-step.

If you want to feel more energized, you might want to increase the “fire” element right into a space. Including incorporating red and orange colors together with using decorative elements like candle lights. Or, if you’re requiring more grounding and stability inside your existence, you are able to incorporate “earth” right into a space by utilizing ceramics, pottery, and also the colors yellow and brown. Experts say, incorporating earth energy right into a bed room brings nourishment, stability, and support.

Another example is adding “water” to some room to increase the flow of possibilities and also to find life’s purpose. This can be done by utilizing decorative elements for example glass, mirrors, and very, and incorporating the colours black and fast. Another two elements which may be used in this region are wood and metal.

4. Allow It To Be PERSONAL

All this isn’t to state that the home ought to be completely stripped lower to suit within feng shui “rules.” Most significantly, a house should match your own unique style. However, once we still expand the narrative surrounding mental and physical health, having to pay extra focus on the way we feel within our home may become an additional layer of self-care.

Once we make use of the Eastern studies of feng shui in modern, Western culture, we’re constantly gaining knowledge from the vast understanding which comes out of this ancient method. It functions like a guide for greater growth of overall health within our lives. Utilize it to change an area and also to transform right into a better form of yourself.

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Within the podcast Holistic Spaces, the host Anjie Cho, an authorized architect and feng shui educator, offers accessible tips and methods for applying feng shui elements to your home and existence. An execllent resource may be the podcast Spark Pleasure, rooted within the philosophies from the Konmari method. The hosts speak with the feng shui expert Laura Cerrano for any deep dive in to the ancient studies and just how we have seen these Eastern practices within our Western society. Additionally they discuss the different branches of feng shui and just how they’ve evolved through the centuries.


The Brighten is really a well-curated and thorough spot to find useful sources on interior decor. Additionally, it comes with an entire library of curated posts that provide accessible suggestions about decorating using feng shui practices. Another resource may be the blog Know Feng Shui that concentrates on all the how to go about feng shui in the home. There’s also articles that examine the way the practices of feng shui may appear within our relationships and existence.

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For novices just beginning to dive in to the teachings of feng shui, the writer and feng shui expert Lillian Too has written over 200 books around the subject. Her book Lillian Too’s Smart Feng Shui For That Home offers accessible knowledge for applying feng shui to your existence right where you stand, in what you have in your house. Another book is Interior Planning with Feng Shui by Sarah Rossbach, that is based on the studies of feng shui master, Lin Yun. The writer explains the traditional studies of feng shui and the way to make sure they are available in Western practices.