The Prettiest Pipes & Bowls For Your Plant-Based Medicine!

Puff, Puff ??

As increasing numbers of states move toward cannabis decriminalization and legalization, ceramicists and makers are coming up with new 4/20-friendly smokeware on the way. These 10 budding brands make glass pipes, ceramic bowls, and all things in between, and most of them will also be giving to cannabis reform and justice organizations. (Here’s why that’s essential!)

Whether you’re already keen on this plant-based medicine or are being familiar with conscious cannabis consumption, take a look at these majority women-owned brands for that goods you’ll need. ??

If you are a CBD fan rather, we like these Black lady-owned CBD brands, too.

1. Kenni Field

  • Produced In Philadelphia, PA
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Made-to-order in the united states, queer Black-owned business
  • Cost $32-$75

Kenni Field is really a queer Black maker from Philadelphia with smokeware we like. Here, you’ll find ceramic bowls and pipes in fun patterns and colors alongside incense holders and ashtrays. For reference, the Demi pipe and bowl is 3” x 2.25”, whereas the pipes are taller at 5.75”. These pieces are created-to-order, so snag one now and you will be relaxing in a couple of days. ??


2. Wandering Bud

  • Produced In Might, MO
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Women-brought & run, made in the united states, gives back
  • Cost $55-$275

Began by Riley Brain in 2016, Wandering Bud has become a lady-owned and run studio from Might, Missouri. You will find a large number of ceramic bowls, pipes, hitters, and bubblers within nature-inspired colors like blush, gem, and bloodstream orange-each one is carried out with gorgeous glazes. Wandering Bud can also be dedicated to social justice, mainly in the cannabis space. Locate them raising awareness on social networking and frequently giving to equity-focused organizations.


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3. Edie Parker

  • Produced In New You are able to City, NY
  • Materials Glass & ceramic
  • Ethics Artisan-made, gives back
  • Cost $50-$125

Edie Parker is a longtime brand for mid-century handbags from New You are able to City, and today the company creates colorful collectibles for smoking, stashing, and lighting. Inspired through the other type of flower, you’ll find petal-formed glass bowls, floral tamping sticks, and fruit pipes in pastel shades. It’s the type of unique smokeware you will not wish to puff, puff, pass.


4. Neenineen Studio

  • Produced In La, CA
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Made-to-order in the united states
  • Cost $70-$120

For wiggly and unique ceramic smokeware, take a look at Neenineen Studio. This collection includes wave-style bubblers and checkered pipes, which work perfectly for lefties, righties, and also the ambidextrous. Since this is a 1-person studio (operated by Ninon Choplin, a queer designer and ceramicist from Paris), pieces might be offered out every so often, but they are frequently restocked!


5. Debbie Carlos Studio

  • Produced In Michigan
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics WOC-owned, made in the united states
  • Cost $29-$90

Debbie Carlos from the eponymous Debbie Carlos Studio is really a ceramicist in Michigan creating stoneware inspired by land and architecture. We especially love the creative designs that be used as interior decor! In the gorgeous neutral colors and speckles towards the curl- and knot-inspired pipes, this smokeware is made to delight.


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6. Awmoo

  • Produced In Mexico City, Mexico
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Artisan-made
  • Cost $100-$200

After being disappointed by other pipes available on the market, Awmoo founders Patrick and Kalun made the decision to create one that’s both 4/20- and style-friendly. These ceramic bowls are created by hands by Cerámica La Mejor (local ceramic artisans) in Mexico City. At four inches wide, awmoos fit perfectly inside your palm-all you’ll require is the selection of plant and a few tepid to warm water.


7. Miwak Junior

  • Produced In La, California
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Gives back, made in the united states
  • Cost $70-$130

Miwak Junior redefines form and performance with regards to pipes. Began by Chilean artist Sebastian Boher and the wife Alice, Miwak Junior’s earthy style reminds us of Sedona-inspired summers and extraterrestrial existence (we all know how that sounds, but look it over!). Because each pipe is individually produced in California, no two are alike, particularly the ones with clay and stoneware blends. Miwak regularly gives to cannabis reform and justice orgs, as people from the Floret coalition.


8. Lindsey Hampton

  • Produced In Vancouver, Canada
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Hand crafted, eco-friendly packaging
  • Cost $150

Lindsey Hampton splits her time like a artist and ceramicist, and her two skills merge superbly whenever you take a look at her ring pipes. Are all hand crafted in her own Vancouver studio, accented by having an ombre fade and impressively round ring shape. (Personally, we’re obsessive about the pink-to-eco-friendly style.) All orders are shipped in plastic-free packaging, and Hampton also provides local pickup if you are near Vancouver.


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9. Yew Yew

  • Produced In China
  • Materials Glass
  • Ethics Gives back
  • Cost $40-$65

For contemporary smoking essentials that inspire awe, we use Yew Yew. They attentively designs its stunning smokeware in New You are able to, after which pieces are responsibly produced in China. Like a lady-brought cannabis & CBD brand, Yew Yew gives back through the Florest Coalition, prioritizing the requirements of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. Between your triangular, half-circle, and solo glass pipes, the company is fantastic for solo smoking.


10. Summerland

  • Produced In California
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Ethics Sustainable materials, gives back, made in the united states
  • Cost $55-$275

Summerland isn’t really named following the California town, as well as the condition of mind you’ll enjoy when utilizing their goods. These hand crafted ceramic bowls, bongs, and pipes are responsibly produced in small batches in Northern California using eco-friendly practices and lead-free glazes. Summerland donates to organizations such as the Floret Coalition, 1% For That Planet, and something Tree Grown included in its dedication to sustainability.