Wedding Invitations That Reflect The Couple’s Personality!

Getting married? Planning for the big day is a huge task as there are so many things to take care of. From planning the venue, your outfits, guest list to the event, the list goes on and on. Once the date of the D-day is fixed, it is time to plan your guest list and send out the invites to them.

The invitation card that you send out is a reflection of the wedding style and the couple’s personality. To get a wedding card that is a true reflection of your love and personality, you must find a great wedding card designer. When you are looking for a wedding card designer you need nothing short of someone who can design a perfect card for you.

Must haves for a good wedding card designer

Here are some things you must look for in a wedding card designer to get the best card designed for your wedding.

  • The ability to create a beautiful theme: A good designer is one who is able to tie everything about the wedding with a common theme. The colours used in the card should complement the wedding vision and favours. Like a floral print card will go well with tea and biscotti and create a beautiful theme.
  • Know their colours well: While anyone can play with the usual colour palette, an extraordinary designer is someone who can use the not very obvious colour pairings. At the same time they must use colours that suit the couple’s personalities and the theme of the wedding. This will help you get a unique wedding car which is sure to grab attention.
  • Know the paper types and quality: Designing a wedding card is only half the job as finding the right type of paper is a very critical aspect. Many a times beautiful designs get lost if the paper quality doesn’t sit well with it.
  • Punctual and adheres to delivery timelines: When it comes to sending out invites for the wedding, you don’t want to be very late. You must choose a designer who delivers on the promised time and keeps sufficient buffer time to accommodate any changes that may be needed. You must hire a designer who is open to feedback and is able and willing to offer solutions to any issues that may crop up.
  • Must be digitally savvy: In today’s era when both e-invites and physical cards are used, it is important that your designer is able to create designs for digital cards as well as prints.
  • Suits your budget: Last but not the least, the designer must suit your budget. You don’t want to spend a huge chunk of your budget on wedding cards and then cut down on your honeymoon plans, right?

How to find the best wedding card designer?

Once you have decided the wedding date, it is time for you to find designers for wedding invitations near me. With so many designers available in the market and each claiming to be the best, the choice is going to be tough. However, you must keep the above points in mind to make sure you find a designer like Pietra Paper Design who gives you the perfect wedding card. Wondering where and how you can find that perfect wedding invitation designer? Here are some best search methods you can rely upon:

  • If you have hired a wedding planner, you must leverage their network. They will be able to recommend a good designer who fits your style, wedding theme and budget.
  • If you are looking for a locally based designer, a Google search can help you. You can browse through the list of designers available near you and read through the reviews and check ratings. Do an in-person interaction before you hire someone.
  • Instagram is a great platform to find wedding invitation designers. A glance at their feed and you will have a good idea about their quality of work. You can use some popular hashtags like #weddingcards, #weddinginvitations, etc. for the search.
  • Pinterest is another well-known spot for finding lots of wedding inspiration. You will come across lot of designs that will be appealing, however every pin may not take you to a designer’s website. If you find a designer through Pinterest, you must use Google to vet their authenticity.

With the above tips on finding a designer for your wedding invitation, you will surely find a perfect one to help you for your big day.