Everything You Need To Know About Shopping For Used Furniture!

Secondhand Furniture-Trash Or Treasure?

I’m a sucker free of charge roadside furniture. Some finds have proven helpful, such as the nightstand I’ve had within the last 4 years. Some finds have proven beautiful, such as the abstract “trash painting” that attracts together all of the colors of my family room. And a few finds are actually very, very, unforgivably gross I’ll spare the details, but let’s just say I’ve found some strange things in dresser drawers. You cannot win should you not take part in the game, right?

In case your metabolic rate feels some repulsion to free roadside treasures (that is fair), thrifting for furniture could be a a lot more palatable experience. You might be no stranger to shopping secondhand for clothing, but furniture is a lot more of the investment-and occupies considerably extra space.

With yard sale season nearby, now’s time for you to improve on some furniture thrifting basics! Here’s all you need to know to obtain began.

Things To Look For

Are you currently tired of hearing the recommendation to produce a mood board yet? Well, here you go again: produce a mood board. Knowing what you would like before you begin shopping can help you undertake thrift shops and yard sales more rapidly. I’d also recommend obtaining a grasp about how much you’re prepared to spend, and just how much you’re prepared to DIY. Some thrifters will expend more about furniture in top condition, while some are looking forward to having to pay significantly less for any fixer-upper.

“A thrifting trip without goals can give you eight works of art with no couch.”

If you’re able to, search for one item at any given time so you don’t get distracted. A thrifting trip without goals can give you eight works of art with no couch-that is what you truly needed to begin with. Enjoy individuals works of art when you sit on the ground, I suppose?

Wherever your thrifting trip goes, examine each find carefully. Listed here are the items I search for when picking out the perfect fit:

May be the piece produced from hardwood or particleboard having a veneer? Hardwood is indeed a perk, whereas particleboard serves its purpose but isn’t as lengthy-lasting.

For sofas and chairs, I usually sit back to make certain it’s comfortable and provides me the amount of support I would like.

Switch the product over to check out a product or emblem imprint. A fast explore your smartphone should provide you with some understanding of age, quality, and/or value.

If it is from your individual seller, browse the quality of the other products, or ask the vendor where they were given the piece to obtain a better backstory-and also to realise why they’re selling it.

“Wherever your thrifting trip goes, examine each find carefully.”

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Things To Avoid

Some concerns, like tears and small stains, will be different according to your tolerance. If you are on a tight budget out on another mind imperfections, they’ll work to your benefit to lessen the price. There are several investment pieces, though, that is money well spent bit of trash (or recycling). Here’s how to prevent buying something you’ll regret:

Major stains, clearly. When the fabric is beyond repair and you aren’t about to have it cleaned professionally or reupholstered, let it rest behind for that buyer who’ll.

Smoke. Give each furnishing a fast smell test. There are several DIY choices for removing this smell just make certain it feels worth your time and effort. It goes for pet urine, too. ??

Inundating. Remember after i stated to switch the piece to consider a emblem? While you’re in internet marketing, check intricacies for warped wood, inflamed particleboard, and then any indications of mold. If there’s water damage and mold, be careful-who knows what sort of water it came in touch with.

Bugs. Again, search for any proof of eating or burrowing in upholstery or wood. Remove pillows, drawers, as well as cushion covers to check out what’s happening underneath.

A furnishing is simply too beautiful or unusual to pass through up, despite its imperfections. Take it easy-stains and bad floral upholstery don’t stand an opportunity against YouTube’s tutorials. Perform some digging!

“Sometimes a furnishing is simply too beautiful or unusual to pass through up, despite its imperfections.”

Where To Buy Used Furniture

Secondhand furniture depends on a spectrum: on a single finish lie the barely-used home items that simply didn’t fit someone’s decor or space right. Alternatively finish lie the pieces you choose up along the side of the street when it’s dark out, only to discover questionable “mud” baked into the material! (!!!)

On the other hand, free roadside pieces can change out fine. From most-dangerous to least-dangerous, listed here are my strategies for where to get the best secondhand furniture.

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My neighborhood is densely populated and try to appears to possess new curbside choices. But when you’re searching for something a bit more structured, take a look at Craigslist’s For Purchase > Freebies section. Freecycle is definitely an entire community based on free and bartered products. Or, look for “curb alert” hashtags or makes up about your city-such as the Curb Alert New york city Instagram account. Exercise caution with anything online though, and make certain to create a buddy along if you are going to any unfamiliar location.


It requires time for you to find out the best local thrift shops for furniture. When you do, you are able to organize an entire furniture-shopping circuit when ever your requirements (or wants) change. Goodwill and Salvation Army are standard places to begin, but look out for smaller sized local organizations, too.

“It needs time to work to recognize the very best local thrift shops for furniture.”

I love to search for local home and lifestyle bloggers within my city to determine where they look for secondhand furnishings. I came across the treasure chest St. Vincent de Paul of La this way-it meets the hype because the largest thrift store in LA. As I haven’t found the right round dining room table there yet, you best believe I’ll be coming back until I actually do.

It can save you some cash by waiting until purchase days, but you’re going for the greatest selection at the time things are restocked. Nicely ask an worker for tips about the very best day to buy new inventory, and plan accordingly.


Buying furniture from its newest owner is the easiest method to get an understanding of why it’s being offered to begin with. You are able to inquire about damage, pets, and where and when the piece was purchased initially. (It is really an especially wise decision for those who have serious allergic reactions.)

Use Craigslist to locate yard sales in neighborhoods to protect you from hunting and pecking throughout town. You’ll find pristine vintage furniture at estate sales (this site can help you locate one in your area). OfferUp, letgo, and Facebook Marketplace can hook you up with sellers directly too. If you are no stranger to delivery charges, eBay will help you find exactly what you would like. My buddy even purchased a vintage truck on eBay-who understood?


Furniture resellers carefully vet the furnishings they spot for purchase-as their status depends upon quality. If you are prepared to spend the additional money for any more curated and clean selection, vintage furniture shops an internet-based resellers are what you want.

Etsy and Chairish are user-friendly sites for locating designer home items. Make sure to look into the seller’s reviews in advance to make certain buyers are pleased with the standard, condition, and shipping of the purchases. If it is mandatory-have, experienced sellers can ship even large products mix-country.

“Furniture resellers carefully vet the furnishings they spot for purchase-as their status depends upon quality.”

Delivery Choices For Secondhand Furniture

I’ve passed up a lot of secondhand pieces (and purchased new rather) since i don’t understand how to obtain the furniture to my apartment. If you are shopping from the thrift store, vintage store, or any other local in-person option, ask the vendor should they have delivery options. Explore local delivery services, including Dolly and TaskRabbit, before you decide to shop, so you are aware how much delivery cost you. Even asking your friend network on social networking may be worthwhile-who knows who may help you choose up a couch in return for an amiable lunch or perhaps a awesome $20.

“Explore local delivery services before you decide to shop, so you are aware how much delivery cost you.”