Everything You Need To Know About Selling Your Used Clothes Online!

One Person’s Trash, Someone Else’s Treasure

Nowadays, it appears as though everybody out of your awesome more youthful cousins towards the ladies out of your mom’s book club can sell used clothes online. Before I grew to become centered on thrifting myself, I had been in the same location when you are-excited to declutter making some money but looking for help getting began.

With 80 % of donated clothing likely to landfills, locating a new house for the used clothes can also be ideal for the earth. Listed here are six fast and simple steps to assist enable you to get began with selling your accessories and clothes online. This can be done!

(If you are searching to purchase, The Great Trade includes a guide for your, too! Here’s what to look for.)

1. Pick Your Platforms

How Can I Sell My Clothes Online?

While there are lots of places to purchase and sell clothing, no two platforms are exactly alike.

Tradesy and also the RealReal are suitable for luxury only. Poshmark and eBay generally have probably the most traffic, but you’ll pay greater commissions on sales. ThredUP may be the easiest since you can send your clothes in, and the organization will sell them for you personally, but you’ll result in the least. Etsy is fun for hand crafted and something-of-a-kind products. After which there’s Depop and Mercari-which are wonderful platforms to market almost anything inside your closet. If you are wishing to market affordable vintage and thrift pieces, you should check out additional platforms here.

Don’t have the pressure to market on multiple platforms, but if you wish to do it now, use a multi-platform manager like List Perfectly.

2. Be Picky-And Realistic

What Products Must I Sell?

Then chances are you once loved the garments exactly the same thing-that’s the way they wound up inside your closet! Only one “bad” piece can discourage customers permanently. Consider it if your products is tattered and stained, prospective customers may question the standard and condition of all of the pieces exactly the same thing.

While it’s great to curate selecting products exactly the same thing, there is no need as lengthy because the aesthetic that you photograph them is cohesive (more about that in tip #3).

Check out this list. In case your outfit falls into one of these simple groups, it’s most likely likely to be hard to sell on fashion-specific sites. When the item is exclusive or vintage, it might be a much better fit for Depop or eBay, as lengthy as it’s still in good shape.

The outfit is broken

Search for tears, stains, or pilling. When the item is broken, you have to photograph and describe the damages, or you might not be compensated for that item.

The outfit is older, although not yet considered vintage

In case your outfit is definitely an outdated style, it’s most likely best to not market it. For instance, it might be tougher to market peplum, skater dresses/skirts, or sheer blouses.

The outfit is unbranded

While you might have a awesome vintage or unique boutique products to market, unbranded clothing can be tough. Customers can’t try your clothes on before they’re buying them, so typically, they’re very likely to purchase brands they are acquainted with.

In case your item doesn’t fall under the above mentioned groups but rather meets a number of the next criteria, it’s most likely best to sell:

New With Tags / Box or “Like New” condition

Customers love new or “ like new” products they are able to get at a lower price than they’d spend within the store (particularly in a pandemic!).

Current styles (still obtainable in stores)

Clients are always searching for that latest styles, or perhaps a “classic” pieces they’d otherwise visit the store to purchase. Some products which are forever in demand include Madewell apparel, Chelsea boots, utilitarian-style jumpsuits, loose/straight jeans, & athleisure sets.

Brand versus. boutique

Of all resale platforms, customers won’t be able to test your item, nor would they give it back whether it doesn’t fit. Because of this, buyers prefer brand-name clothing, where they understand sizing and quality.

One-of-a-kind novelty products & vintage

While brands are usually the simplest to market, customers love one-of-a-kind vintage pieces they’re not able to find elsewhere. Bring the special moment from the thrift shop for them by listing your niche pieces.

3. Perfect Your Pictures

How must i photograph my products?

Great news! Your phone’s camera along with a big white-colored poster board or white-colored wall are all that you should obtain the perfect picture. You can model your clothes, but never feel pressured to do this-an easy shot against a white-colored background is simply fine (take a look at Vivian Phan for inspiration).

You may also hang your outfit against a white-colored wall utilizing a hanger and scotch tape (or perhaps a nail in the event that works). Then, make certain you receive the next five shots: front, back, detail, detail, and tag.

Make sure to use sun light, and obtain the entire item within the shot (not stop). Lessen wrinkles, or make use of a steamer for clothes which have much deeper creases. Stay away from stock or brand photos, and avoid while using flash or filters that may alter the colour of the outfit. Not to mention-no fuzzy pics!

4. Cost It Right

Just how much can one be prepared to make?

Everybody loves a great deal, especially with regards to used clothes. Inside a world where there are millions of places to look, a great cost is the main most significant factor to convince someone to purchase your clothes.

In case your goal would be to sell rapidly, I suggest prices your item near to 75 % from the retail cost (50 % off minimum). I understand you most likely need to make more, but realize that, the greater your list cost, the slower the purchase cycle.

5. Shipping

My item offered! Ok now what?

Congratulations, sustaina-babe, your item offered! As the shipping process may appear intimidating, it’s the same as mowing the lawn-when you get used to it, it’s simple.

The precise shipping process does rely on the woking platform you utilize, but shipping with United states postal service is really a standard option on platforms like Poshmark and Depop.

This is how it really works:

Package the product with any box you’ve in your own home, or obtain a free Priority Shipping box from United states postal service. I recommend together with a small thanks note for that customer-this really counts when the time comes to allow them to write an evaluation!

The woking platform will typically email a pre-compensated United states postal service shipping label to print and tape for your box. Print that label both at home and pay a modest fee to print at the local UPS. Then fall off your box at the local United states postal service. You will not be billed because the label is pre-compensated. Pro tip: You are able to ship United states postal service labels from UPS!

6. Have That Money, Honey

How do you get compensated?

Your funds is going to be available after your customer receives their item. Typically, customers have 24 to 48 hrs to verify the acquisition or report an issue prior to the purchase is final, and your money is released.

For many platforms, the funds get into an in-application account that you could then transfer for your bank. You may also make use of the money to look around the platform.

Remember, shopping around the platform supports another seller as if you, and purchasing used is much more sustainable than buying new!

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