This unexpected £3 90s hair band was everywhere at London Fashion Week!

Forget oversized alice bands from the noughties, sporty zig zag headbands have returned

After I set feet backstage at London Fashion Week, I had been primed for any Y2k overload (think Tik Tok the latest fashions). But, I had been caught unawares through the return of the legendary 90s hair band.

Sported through the timeless Cher from Unaware, the zig zag headband grew to become commonplace 2 decades ago. Renowned for sliding to the rear of your mind by break time, every nineties girl had one at the end of her Billabong mix body bag.

After that the 90s hair band grew to become a mainstay of British football. From Beckham to Jack Grealish, British ballers have pulled their curtains back using the very practical (and today very fashionable) addition for years.

It’s this sporty legacy that inspired your hair take a look at David Koma AW22. However, it was not Becks that stole the show: “When David (Koma) sent me his moodboards I immediately considered Keira Knightley in Bend It Like Beckham,” starts British-born, New You are able to-living beautician, Kenna.

“It’s about his celebration and representation of British culture,” he continues, saying, “We want all the models to feel like sports women because David’s shows are only for being one big team.”

The models pulled them back making the attending fashion crowd coo within the subtle yet sexy references to rugby and football. Backstage though, the wonder teams only had one question, how was Kenna making individuals annoying things stay?

Here’s steps to make your 90’s hair band stay all day…

The secret to creating sure your 90s hair band stays all day long is handfuls of mousse. By slathering the roots with Beauty Works Leave-in Mousse Conditioner, £10 along with a load from the brand’s Super Hold Hairspray, 14.99 hair band won’t move one inch. You’ll also be capable of getting individuals sporty-chic hair partings which are fashion-forward and face-framing.

If you wish to go one stage further, why don’t you double on your hair bands? Due to how thin they’re, you are able to stack two without them searching strange. In either case, it will help should you blow work backwards before you begin.

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The models at David Koma aren’t the only real ones to put on the classic 90s hair band. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are big fans and they are the cast of Excitement. The good thing about it’s, their own most likely cost under their morning coffee too. See our very best picks of black, tortoiseshell and alice band styles below.

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