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Two royals have now worn this H&M ballgown!

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton aren’t the only real royals who love some of the high-street it appears. While both Duchesses normally wear products by M&S and Zara previously, other Princesses (and Queens) over the pond can’t appear to consume enough of H&M.

Queen Letizia of The country just launched into an excursion of Norway together with her husband King Felipe, and both attended a Condition Banquet around the first evening to celebrate their arriaval.

While she was bedecked in diamonds, her ballgown was a lot more affordable, because it was thanks to H&M’s Conscious collection.

The navy dress featured a sheer top and ruffled skirt and appeared as if it could’ve come right out the catwalk. Whether it looks familiar for you, it’s because you may have already seen it on another royal, in 2020.

Crown Princess Victoria of Norway find the H&M tulle dress for just one of her official tenth anniversary portraits in June 2020, though hers featured sheer sleeves. Both royals accessorised with tiaras and sashes.

Should you be wishing to get hold of the party dress for that festive season, sadly you’re at a complete loss, because it was area of the SS20 Conscious Collection that has lengthy since offered out. Shame really, because it only cost £229.99.

Both Queen Letizia and Crown Princess Victoria are advocates for sustainable fashion which is the right example. The gathering is made from advanced materials including VEGEA™ (a vegan leather produced from discarded grape skins), CIRCULOSE® (a cloth produced from 100 percent upcycled clothing and fashion waste), RENU™ (a higher-quality recycled polyester), recycled sand and jeans produced from 100 percent undyed organic cotton.

So it’s very easy to understand why Queen Letizia of The country may wish to rewear the gown more than a year after purchase.