These are the 10 most unforgettable Oprah Winfrey interviews of all time

Because the world awaits Meghan and Harry’s exclusive airtime using the presenter, have a look back at her most legendary celebrity interviews

Everybody recognizes that Oprah may be the queen of celebrity interviews.

She’s had everybody on her behalf couch through the years, from Kim Kardashian, to Jesse Trump, to Whitney Houston, and is renowned for her apparently easy capability to get even the favourite and searched for-after celebrities to speak about topics they vowed they never would.

Next lined up? The previous Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It seems like the world delays with bated breath for Monday evening, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can look within an exclusive interview using the presenter.

Within the pre-released preview from the episode, Oprah states ‘[I] need to make it obvious to everyone that no subject is off limits’, indicating the couple will chat openly about Meghan’s relationship using the press, their proceed to the united states, as well as their step lower as official Royals this past year

Within the United kingdom, you can watch the 2-hour special on Monday eighth March at 9pm on ITV. You may also notice online through the ITV Hub.

For the time being, we have an entire load of Oprah’s most legendary interviews that you should scroll through. Public service announcement: there’s good quality ones.

ten best Oprah celebrity interviews ever

1. Kim Kardashian

In 2012, Kim did a tell-all interview with Oprah about her leaked sex tape with former partner Ray J. Following the sex tape went viral, it’s frequently been credited to make her and various other Kardashian brothers and sisters famous.

Within the interview, she also discussed her short but sweet 72-day marriage to National basketball association player Kris Humphries and openly clarified Oprah’s question about whether or not they get wed like a stunt. With more than 4 million views, it’s certainly been viewed a great deal.

2. Jesse Trump

Fun fact: among the first occasions Trump openly shared he wished to operate for President eventually was throughout an interview with Oprah in 1988. Within an interview that presently has over seven million views, he discussed his hopes for Presidency and stated: ‘I think I’d win. I’ll let you know what: I wouldn’t use to get rid of.’

He really continued her show to go over his new book deal, put discussed foreign policy, war, and running for President, rather. Sounds about right.

4. Sarah Ferguson

The Sarah Ferguson interview with Oprah in 1996 was legendary for several reasons. She made an appearance on the program requesting forgiveness, getting been caught in the center of a bribery scandal for use of her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

Not only that, but additionally opened up up concerning the realities of existence like a Duchess, the ‘cruel, abusive and absolutely invasive’ British press, and Princess Diana, too. Essential watch out for Royal fans.

5. Obama

The previous President from the U . s . States hasn’t been interviewed by Oprah once, but a number of occasions, within the increase to his election and also, since, to exhibit his support of fellow Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

6. Whitney Houston

Another skill Oprah is famous for? Getting celebrities who don’t normally talk, to speak.

Whitney Houston’s 2009 interview is a great one of the – she hadn’t spoken openly for seven years, and opened up to the presenter about her substance abuse, , rehabilitation, and also the domestic abuse she endured as a result of Bobby Brown.

It had been also certainly one of her last ever interviews she gave before her dying this year.

7. Michael Jackson

Another celebrity who’d declined to become interviewed by other people – in cases like this, for 14 years – was singer Michael Jackson.

That’s, aside from Oprah. He allow the TV legend interview him at his Neverland home in 1993, where they discussed his cosmetic surgery, skin colour, and the own relationship together with his father.

Up to now, it’s were built with a huge 7.8 million views.

8. Rihanna

The world was shocked when pictures of a beaten-up Rihanna surfaced in ’09.

Her partner of times Chris Brown was in prison for abuse, and it was given 5 years probation along with a restraining order for physically mistreating the pop star.

Talking about the connection openly the very first time this year, Rihanna opened up as much as Oprah about Brown’s violence, her childhood, as well as, her forgiveness of him.

9. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen chatting to Oprah would be a stand-out moment for that LGBTQ community because it was her first big TV interview after being released.

It had been among the first occasions she’d really discussed her sexuality openly.

10. Tom Cruise

Last but in no way least is Oprah’s 2005 interview with actor Tom Cruise. It was in the height of his romance with Katie Holmes – he jumps from Oprah’s sofa and shouting ‘I’m for each other!’. Yep.