Travis Barker Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Travis Barker’s net worth?

Net Worth: $50 Million
Age: 45
Born: November 14, 1975
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Musician
Last Updated: 2021


By 2021, Travis Barker’s internet worth is roughly $50 million. Travis Landon Barker is definitely an American music performer, songwriter, and record producer from California. Barker is better referred to as drummer for that rock-band Blink-182.

He would be a frequent collaborator using the now-late DJ AM, and together they created TRV$DJAM. Because of his fame, Moving Stone known him as “punk’s first superstar drummer” too among the 100 Finest Drummers ever.

Early Existence

Travis Landon Barker was created around the 14th of November, 1975, in Fontana, California. Barker may be the boy to Randy and Gloria Barker. She got his on the job the drumsticks as he was just four years old, and that he learned the drumming skills in the drummer Thomas Hogan.

It had been while in school he became a member of the marching band and therefore was uncovered to regional competitions and festivals. In the this past year in school, he toured together with his first band, Feeble.


After graduating senior high school, Barker labored like a trash man until he found a brief devote the punk group, The Aquabats. In 1997, he recorded his first album using the Aquabats.

Barker earned his first breakthrough in 1998 as he was employed to complete around the drums for that punk rock group, Blink-182. His abilities at playing the drums surfaced as he not just learned the drum tracks for 25 songs in forty-five minutes but performed exactly the same with complete perfection and poise.

Apart from his participation with Blink-182, he recorded tracks for Transplants, a rap/rock-band. Also, he led to Dave Carlock’s band, The Distillers and made an appearance within the videos of Puff Father, ‘Bad Boy for Life’.

In 2003, Blink-182 started to operate on their own next album. Interestingly, they let forgo the traditional recording process and rather switched a house right into a studio. After several weeks of exercising, they released their fifth self-entitled album, ‘Blink-182’.

The tracks in the album, ‘Feeling This’ and ‘I Miss You’ peaked high in Billboard. In 2005, this guitar rock band finally split up with an ‘indefinite hiatus’.

In addition, musical aspirations apart, he’s a clothing and accessory company, ‘Famous Stars and Straps’, their own recording company, ‘LaSalle Records’ along with a restaurant in California, ‘Wahoo’s Fish Taco’.

By 2021, Travis Barker’s internet worth is $50 million.


Here are the best popular features of Travis Barker’s career:

  1. Enema from the Condition (Album, 1999)
  2. I Miss You (Song, 2003)
  3. Push Em’ (Song, 2012)
  4. 6/8 (Song, 2016)

Favorite Quotes from Travis Barker

“I juice a great deal I recieve just as much protein when i can, because as being a vegan, there isn’t much protein. But that’s virtually it. I simply drink plenty of water, too. I’ll possess a protein shake too every day.” – Travis Barker

“I attempt to do an hour or so of cardio around the days which i have off, after which I’ll do 30-45 minutes on show days. That’s the very first factor I actually do after i awaken, I’ve breakfast after which I’ll go to the gym.” – Travis Barker

“Usually, if I’m visiting Europe, I’m on the boat for 7 days, and so i spend the 7 days doing a lot of things. I’ll do cardio to have an hour or perhaps an hour-and-a-half and weights, just lightweights.” – Travis Barker

“I think to place your relationship available that people interpret and their very own opinion about, I believe it’s crazy.” – Travis Barker

“The whole time once you record an album, you’re just awaiting the discharge date. You’re awaiting fans to listen to it and stuff.” – Travis Barker

3 Training from Travis Barker About Parenting

Let’s check out a few of the training we are able to study from him about parenting:

1. Remember To Workout

Locating the time for you to exercise when you are a parent or gaurdian isn’t easy. There’s always something to complete but you will know it’s important to sort out and take proper care of yourself, which means you result in the time.

2. Live Near To Your Children

Whenever a couple splits up and starts co-parenting, one parent typically stays in the household home and yet another you have to get a new residence. Within the best-situation scenario, that parent will discover a home that’s near by. That’s precisely what Travis did.

3. Educate Your Children

All parents jokes regarding their kids becoming teenagers and exactly what will entail. It may be demanding for parents to assume their children dating. Many parents want time for you to slow lower and believe that this really is happening very fast.


Not everybody using the drum sticks in the possession of can feature playing the instrument like Travis Barker!

Acknowledged as ‘Punk’s first superstar drummer’ by Moving Stone magazine, he’s the immaculate drumming star from the era, who reaffirmed the status from the music from the drums. Today, he is regarded as among the best drummers in music history.

By 2021, Travis Barker’s internet worth is roughly $50 million.

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