Transcend Trends With These 10 Sustainable Streetwear Brands!

Slow Fashion Streetwear

Ask 100 people the way they define streetwear, and you’ll most likely hear differing solutions. (That’s really what went down when legendary streetwear designer Bobby Hundreds requested around.) But many definitions of streetwear have the identical foundation: Streetwear is really a casual type of clothing that flourished within the 1980s and 1990s, joining together New York’s hip-hop fashion, California’s surf-skate culture, and Japan’s street style.

Most frequently, streetwear brands offer comfortable tops, hoodies, athletic shoes, and hats in limited releases. For instance, the now billion-dollar Supreme used exclusive drops to spike interest and demand. Today, streetwear style can also be a part of a bigger culture, a subtle rebellion against “mall” fashion and one that’s focused on DIY and inventive expression.

The sustainable streetwear brands pointed out here merge this sleek, sports style with ethical and responsible production practices and offer chains. Whether you’re just obtaining the first streetwear shirt or happen to be immersed in this way trend, these brands can help you leave as small a carbon footprint as you possibly can. Fill up your thing using these sustainable athletic shoes!

Please be aware, we’ve used the next key for cost ranges:

  • $ = $-$50
  • $$ = $50-$100
  • $$$ = $100
  • 1. Back Beat Co.

Located In La, CA

  • Sustainable Materials Recycled and organic cotton, hemp, Tencel
  • Range Of Products Tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, jackets, matching sweatsuits
  • Cost Range $-$$$

If you are taking a Cali skater or surfer vibe, you’ll love a few of the streetwear-inspired apparel at the spine Beat Co.’s sustainable collection. Located in La, CA, this family-owned brand keeps a low ecological footprint by utilizing recycled fabrics, hemp, Tencel, and plant dyes when crafting its clothes. With worldwide shipping options, everybody can outfit themselves with streetwear apparel from our favorite low impact, high comfort brands.


2. Most Prominent Co.

  • Located In La, CA
  • Sustainable Materials Organic cotton, upcycled/repurposed fabrics
  • Range Of Products Tops, sweatshirts/sweatpants, jackets, hats
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

With roots in Japan and Peru, Most Prominent Co. relaunched in La in 2019. Today, the company uses its platform to talk about about the significance of fair labor and sustainable fashion. All materials are sourced responsibly, including GOTS Certified organic cotton and upcycled fabrics. MPCo. also works together with facilities which are Fair Trade Certified and wind-powered.



  • Located In London, United kingdom
  • Sustainable Materials Organic cotton, water-based inks
  • Range Of Products Tops, sweatshirts, hats
  • Cost Range $-$$

Plant the seeds of sustainability with PLANT FACED, a vegan and ethically made apparel line working in london. Inspired by surf-skate culture, plant-based lifestyles, and bold designs, this lady-owned and run streetwear brand uses sustainable materials like organic cotton and water-based inks. The pieces are responsibly created without sweatshops or child labor, and tops start at $34 (£25 for the United kingdom buddies). Worldwide shipping available.


4. Noah

  • Located In New You are able to City, NY
  • Sustainable Materials Responsibly sourced cotton, recycled cashmere, linen
  • Range Of Products Tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, outerwear, footwear, hats
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

Noah meshes classic menswear with surf-skate culture to do this popular streetwear collection. The company is unafraid of bold colors and boxy silhouettes, and Noah carries from seersucker pants to striped tops. Each bit is embroidered using the recognizable emblem, and every one of the clothes are created in regions where tradition, care, and expertise take priority over profit. Noah also donates 1 % of sales to ecological initiatives.


5. Nudie Jeans

  • Located In Gothenburg, Norway
  • Sustainable Materials Organic, Fair Trade, recycled cotton, upcycled jeans
  • Range Of Products Tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans
  • Cost Range $$$

Nudie Jeans is really a one-stop Swedish look for streetwear, offering both tops and bottoms-including jeans crafted with 100 % cotton or upcycled jeans. Incorporated within the cost of each and every jeans order? Free repairs for existence. The company also carries tops, accessories, and youth apparel, so everyone can shop together.


6. Nicole Zïzi Studio

  • Located In New You are able to City, NY
  • Sustainable Materials Recycled jeans, plastic, organic cotton
  • Range Of Products Tops, jackets, hats
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

Nicole Zïzi Studio creates gender-free sustainable streetwear, sourcing only alternative and natural materials. For instance, the company uses publish-consumer plastic located on the shores of Haiti and Honduras during local clean-ups, in addition to ethically sourced Merino made of woll. Most products come in small batches so they won’t overproduce or create waste.


7. Battenwear

  • Located In New You are able to City, NY
  • Standout Ethics Made in the united states, ethical production practices
  • Range Of Products Tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, outerwear, hats
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

For that fashion-forward adventurer, take a look at Battenwear, a classic-inspired streetwear brand taking cues from past surf-skate culture. This durable and multi-functional apparel collection attracts both outdoors and everyday city existence. It’s located in New york city having a satellite office in California. The majority of the clothes are 100 % cotton making in the united states, as the MADRAS collection is crafted in an ethical factory in Chennai, India. Find Battenwear in stockists worldwide.


8. Catching A Fish in Norwegian

  • Located In London, United kingdom
  • Sustainable Materials 100 % organic, fair trade cotton
  • Range Of Products Tops and sweatshirts
  • Cost Range $$

Catching A Fish in Norwegian is really resides in-surprise, surprise-London. This youth-brought brand began in 2014 as a result of the short fashion industry, emphasizing how ethical and sustainable streetwear might be a pressure permanently. They works together with accredited fair trade maqui berry farmers for organic cotton, and clothes are stitched within the United kingdom. Worldwide carbon-neutral shipping available.


9. Universal Works

  • Located In Nottingham, United kingdom
  • Sustainable Materials Recycled and organic cotton
  • Range Of Products Tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, outerwear, footwear, hats
  • Cost Range $$$

David Keyte launched Universal Works in 2009, creating sustainable streetwear that suit and looked good. More than a decade later, this contemporary menswear brand from London is among the most size-inclusive available on the market, with sizes from XS-XXXL. Though Universal Works carries countless apparel options varying from waistcoats to pants, they decides for small-scale production with factories they rely upon the United kingdom and beyond. Worldwide shipping available.


10. Albam

  • Located In London, United kingdom
  • Standout Ethics Many clothes produced in Britain
  • Range Of Products Tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, outerwear, footwear, hats
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

For that streetwear aficionado, Albam produces Britain-made and utilitarian-inspired apparel, in addition to footwear for males. The company works together with ethical factories within the United kingdom and Europe and releases four collections, a few of which are 100 % cotton. Worldwide shipping available.