Top 4 Benefits Of Cold Compression Therapy

Over the years, experts have studied ways to help people recover faster from injury. While opioids were problematic, cold and compression therapies were effective and side-effect free. Cold therapy is well-regarded among athletes and affiliates of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for pain reduction. Likewise, compression therapy has also shown excellent results in reducing pain and recovery time.

Cold water activates the parasympathetic nervous system, causing the body to tense and then relax, which reduces pain. When hard water contacts the body through cold showers or cold packs, swelling, bruising, and tissue damage are dramatically reduced. These effects are why ice baths are everyday post-game aftercare rituals by athletes.

You don’t have to exercise to benefit from cold compression therapy. You can take care of chronic pain by leaning on cold compression therapy providers like Source Cold Therapy. If you’re curious about integrating cold compression therapy into your pain management plan, read on to learn about its four benefits. 

1. Less Pain And Swelling

There are different approaches to cold compression therapy, but a popular method is using ice. Like recovering from surgery, icing may not be enough in some cases. To combat the limitations of ice packs, wraps and the game-ready ice machine were designed for deeper healing.

When combined, coldness and compression provide the best recovery and pain reduction outcomes. Both engage the lymphatic system, encouraging healthy tissues, protecting against hypoxia, and reducing swelling via slowed blood flow. This begins with the constriction of blood vessels, which reduces pain sensitivity.

2. Reduction Of Edema

Edema is the state of fluid and water buildup in body tissue, usually due to physical activity or hormonal imbalances. Swelling goes down with consistent compression and cold application through products like the game-ready ice machine. When cold water and compression are applied to the area, swelling is drastically reduced as the body begins to circulate blood and oxygen. When more blood and oxygen reach the affected area, the lymphatic system eliminates swelling.

3. Speeds Up Recovery: Game Ready Ice Machine

Studies have consistently shown that compression therapy and cold therapy are more effective at speeding up recovery time when combined. Blood flow is stimulated more effectively, resulting in faster healing and recovery. Cold compression therapy through devices like the game-ready ice machine offers reliable solutions to recover faster, whether you’re recovering from an athletic injury or a sprain. 

4. Decreases Mental Stress

Once engaged, the parasympathetic nervous system causes the body to tense and then release relaxation chemicals. This response “snaps” one back into the present moment. Cold showers and paced muscle relaxation in DBT help patients manage stress. You can use cold compression therapy via the game ready ice machine to reduce physical and mental stress.

Reduce Your Tension

Whether you’re looking to reduce swelling and pain or recover faster, cold compression therapy and the game ready ice machine can help you achieve the relief you need. Consider the four benefits above and give this therapy a try!