Top 10 Gifts Idea for Kids

Most of kids are exited for their birthdays and they probably have a wish list put together. I know kids are among the individuals who are hard to impress. So, while choosing a gift it is important to choose a right one. Gifts for kids need to be a cool, creative and unique. This the reason that store shelves are always packed with the most amazing things. From interactive toys to child’s touch and voice; there are surprise toys and slime, foam, kids activity books and other fun compounds. So, whether you are shopping for kids of 3-5 years or above that, we have made just the right list of items which will bring them to joy. Get ready to lighten up the child’s face when you give them this gift of yours. Let’s see what we have stored for you.

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope: This is among the unique gifts to be presented to a kid. It is a microscope and when looked at the slides under this, kids will see the up-close pictures of wildlife. Also, a background sound offers facts about the plants and animals.

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Ideally, gifts should be something related to the kid’s interests. If you want to give your kids a unique gift that they’ll love, then buying a pair of roller skates should be something on the list. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about how easy it will be for them to use. An advantage to roller skates is that it can help them develop their coordination and balance skills. It can also increase their flexibility and reduce the amount of time they spend sitting down while playing.

The Lion King: Cartoon characters are best things to gift to kids. We know how much kids love to celebrate their birthdays and this lion king cake will let them do it. So, let them celebrate their special day with this exclusively customized The Lion King cake.

The Lion King

Chef’s Kitchen for kids: Let the future chef whip up some delicious dishes. Gift them this dream play kitchen that is exclusively designed for the kids. It is equipped with every needed item they need, including dials that turn and click. Moreover, it has several spaces for 1 or more cooks to play with at the same time.

Chef's Kitchen for kids

Light up Drawing Tees: Gift these t-shirts to the kids and let their drawings take a new place to shine. This comes with the unique ink panel that is luminescent. It gives a concentrated light source that leaves a glowing mark on the shirt. The lines that they will draw will gradually fade and the shirt will become new again.

Light up Drawing Tees

Boom Blaster Toy Blaster: Your search for a unique gift ends here. This toy is perfect for boys and it is easy to load and launch with front-loading. Moreover, it has a simple pull back mechanism that makes it ideal for younger kids. The power pods provided with the toys are super soft and safe.

Boom Blaster Toy Blaster

A monthly book subscription: Encourage kids’ love of reading. Gift them with a book club subscription. It is recommended for kids who are from 3 to age 10. The subscription will let your kid’s new books every month. You can also choose the appropriate club for kids such as picture books, chapter books or board books.

A monthly book subscription

World’s Best Bro Sis Matching T-shirts for Kids: What else could be best than matching t-shirts for kids. Matching Tees are best trend in fashion, so why not gift these to kids to make them happy. These matching Tees for best for the siblings so that they are perfect to make a statement of affection.

World's Best Bro Sis Matching T-shirts for Kids

Encyclopedia: If you know that the kid is curious then this is ones of the perfect gifts to present. This encyclopedia has been teamed up with specially commissioned illustrations and gorgeous photography. The encyclopedia will allow them to explore various topics including history and science.


An indoor bowling set: At this moment when no one is going out due to pandemic, this indoor bowling set is one of the best items to present to your kids. The pins and ball are made out of rubber so there are no worries of crashing bowling pins.

An indoor bowling set

Fairy Light Garden: Like its name, this garden is also unique as kids can actually plant seeds and grow flowers around this playset. This garden also has the right amount of play features such as a water wheel that can really pumps the water and spin.

Fairy Light Garden