This TikTok hack will change the way you shop at Zara!

Let’s be truthful, everybody loves a great Zara shopping hack, especially one which makes having your regular Zara haul much simpler.

And that’s why some advice by TikTok user @livdebz went viral now. Now you might have observed that although the web site looks very visually pleasing, using its moving images and editorial shoots, it isn’t precisely the easiest to navigate when you wish to really shop something.

Well Liv here has discovered (as are we) that using a simple toggle, you’ll have a less demanding shopping experience.

When browsing any section, all that you should do is mind to the peak right of the screen and swipe the ‘view’ toggle right, and also the product pictures will immediately align and you can see much more of them clearly around the page, thus making browsing faster – as you can tell in the primary image of this article.

It’s been viewed over 204,000 occasions and it has to date received more than a 1,000 comments, with lots of users saying they’d i never thought to test that trick either.

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