This New Year, Go With Gifts Made At Home

The festive season is on a rapid roll and it will come to an end with the end of this year which ultimately brings us one more day of celebrations and another year full of festivals. Less than a couple of months have remained for the new year to come our way.

So, we thought of hitting you up with an early gifting call to help you get the best new year gift for your special someone.

Here are gifts that you can make special because of your effort.

1. Cork Flower Vase-

Many people gift flowers, but you can gift a special vase to keep those flowers. Not only will it look beautiful but it can also be a perfect gift idea for someone.

What would be needed

Wine or champagne bottle corks (You can find these at any gifting general store.)

Glass flower pot (available at any florist)

You can also use accessories such as berries, pine cones, or even real flowers to decorate.

Glue to which the cork will stick.

How to make a cork flower vase:

First of all, stick all the corks in the glass vase. Make sure that the corks are of the same size and the same way you are using them, that is, if you start applying in one direction, then proceed in that direction. After that let it dry. Now decorate it with colorful flowers and pine cones or any other decoration item. What if the cork is not found?

If the cork is not available, you can also use seashells or shellfish, etc.

2. DIY Lip Balm-

Although everyone has lip balm, there is something else about chemical-free lip balm made at home. It sounds a bit hard to create Lip balm but believe us, it is a simple gig. And don’t you think that taking the resolution of body care is the right thing to do?

What stuff will work

Pure Coconut oil

Raw and unrefined shea butter

Beeswax pellets

Essential oils like lavender, orange, peppermint, grapefruit

A small box in which all this can be filled.

How to make a chemical-free lip balm at home

First of all, put coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter in a bowl and boil it with a double boiler. That is, place the bowl in a pot of hot water. Everything should be in equal quantity. Now mix all the ingredients till they melt. Do not remove it immediately from the pot of hot water as it tends to freeze very quickly. Add essential oil to it. Whatever flavor you want to make lip balm. After that, put it in small containers. It may take 1 hour to dry completely, but it will take a total of 15 minutes to make.

3. Pebble Photo Frame

Although many photo frames will be available, the photo frame itself which has been worked hard can be quite unique. A hard-working New Year’s gift will definitely look good. The photo frame created by you will hold the personal touch and the recipient will feel your hard work and your love.

What will be needed

A wooden photo frame

Some smooth stones gathered by a river


How to make a designer photo frame at home

First of all, collect the stones and wash them and dry them. Now you can either paint them or use them like this and decorate them later. Glue these to the border of the photo frame and let them dry at the same time. You can also use glitter on them for decoration.

4. Handmade Coaster

There are sure to be many drinks and food items during the New Year party. In such a time, if you want, you can gift a table coaster to someone. They can also be used to decorate the house as well as keep a glass of drinks.

What Items Required

Rolling pin

Cookie cutters

Baking tray


Polymer clay

Porcelain or tile paint

How to make

Firstly, heat the clay pack in the oven at 110 degrees. After this, make a ball out of it with your hand and roll it like a Kachori-shaped coaster. Its thickness should be a little more. At least half a centimeter.