This is why Kate Middleton has only worn a tiara 10 times since her royal wedding!

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding may take place over ten years ago, in April 2011, however the Duchess of Cambridge only has been spotted putting on a tiara under twelve occasions.

Why? As always with royal fashion etiquette, there are many rules that should be adopted. First of all, Kate, like Meghan Markle, will not have been permitted to put on the headpiece until after she get wed.

Tradition dictates you need to be married and/or hold a particular royal title so that you can put on a tiara. Single women or individuals who aren’t formally area of the family would be unable to don one for instance.

The only real exception for this rule happens when brides borrow the accessories for his or her big day, and also the Duchess of Cambridge find the Cartier Halo tiara for that occasion.

Obviously, being a member of the household means that you have simpler accessibility crown jewels, because the Queen wouldn’t let anybody borrow a tiara.

Since that time though, despite many royal occasions, Kate only has worn one around 11 occasions, and that’s since there are much more rules to follow along with.

First of all, diamonds shouldn’t be worn before 6pm, excluding most occasions. Next, tiaras must only be worn to white-colored tie occasions, quite simply, probably the most formal ones.

Included in this are condition banquets and balls, which don’t happen that frequently. So previously, Kate has worn the Lotus Flower tiara in 2013 for Buckingham Palace’s annual diplomatic reception and again in 2015 for any banquet honor china president.

Other occasions incorporated the 2019 Queen’s Diplomatic Corps along with a Banquet in honor of former US President Trump.

As a whole, she’s only worn three headpieces: these Lotus Flower tiara, a popular of Princess Maragaret’s, Princess Diana’s Lover’s Knot tiara and also the Cartier Halo which she used on her behalf big day.