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This is the most valuable vintage fashion worth selling!

If you’ve every considered of promoting clothes online, you may be wondering which of them count probably the most, especially with regards to vintage – in the end, don’t just about everyone has some family hands-me-downs knocking about within our wardrobes?

Well if you’ve held onto a number of your grandmother’s favourite clothes, you’re in luck, since new information has proven that 1940s fashion may be worth probably the most on re-sell sites.

A brand new survey by money.co.united kingdom – which scoured eBay and Etsy to analyse women’s fashion in the roaring 20s towards the 90s – discovered that 40s products had the greatest resale cost for any full wardrobe, according to one item in every category.

As a whole, it believed so that it is worth £543, most abundant in costly item being pants at £225, if you have slacks laying around, you’re greatly fortunate.

If you are much more of a 1950s fashion fan, don’t worry, because you’re set for some serious money too. The entire resale worth of that wardrobe is about £436.50, with pants again to be the best item at £199.50 typically.

Rounding from the top three is 1920s fashion, with roaring 20s wardrobes worth £435.50, and jackets and jackets particularly weighing around £215.

Other popular clothing decades on re-sell platforms include 30s, 60s and 70s. Worth a rummage within the attic room, wouldn’t you believe?