These Pandora cleaning hacks are doing the rounds on TikTok!

Ever thought about how you can clean a Pandora bracelet in your own home? Well you may have observed some hacks doing the models on TikTok now, however as it happens they might do more damage than good.

One particular tip is applying foil and sodium bicarbonate, however, as the answers are impressive, it might harm your jewellery over time. Sarah Rowlands of Pandora busts the parable.

The foil and sodium bicarbonate method

‘The most widely used cleaning hack taking TikTok by storm in the last week continues to be putting your jewellery within an aluminium foil lined bowl with a combination of sodium bicarbonate, salt and boiling water. As the immediate outcomes of this hack can be displayed extremely effective at cleaning your jewellery, the sodium bicarbonate is an extremely harsh and abrasive component which will scratch your delicate jewellery,’ she states.

‘With ongoing utilization of this process you may expect your jewellery to get increasingly more broken, mainly in the situation of plated jewellery because you will progressively notice erosion from the plating. Simply using boiling water could be a dangerous choice because this may encourage your gems or gemstones to dislodge because the heat melts the connecting glue keeping them safely in position. ‘

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Cleaning your jewellery having a toothbrush

Sarah states, ‘Another popular idea you need to provide a miss is applying a classic toothbrush to scrape away the dirt that builds up within the intricate gaps of the jewellery. Again, this really is way too harsh for the gold and silver, and, as well as, spreads bacteria in the old toothbrush for your jewellery.’

How you can clean your Pandora bracelet in your own home

The best choice is to buy your jewellery cleaned through the professionals, since it’s their job to get this done with no damage to the jewellery.

‘These are the most useful people to do the job allow it an expert, safe neat and they’ll also look into the stone settings to make certain there is nothing loose or vulnerable to receding,’ she states.

However, should you choose wish to provide your Pandora bracelet a fast clean in your own home, you are able to follow these easy steps (and browse the entire guide here).

‘For regular maintenance, jewellery cleaning solutions really are a quick two-minute dip with liquid that’s particularly formulated with gentle, non-abrasive surfactants to wash your jewellery without causing damage. It’s also wise to buff your jewellery having a polishing cloth every occasionally to help keep on the top associated with a tarnish that naturally occurs with contact with the environment. This can keep the jewellery shining with minimal effort.

‘However, if you are looking for a fast around the place fix, the safest hack to wash up a grimy bit of jewellery would be to put it in lukewarm water with a few washing-up liquid and then leave to soak. For those who have a brand new, soft bristle brush then lightly brush over your jewellery concentrating on any the nooks and crannies and just rinse with tepid to warm water.’