Start Your Day With Something Good — The Good Trade Launches a Daily Newsletter!

The Great Trade is happy to announce the launch of the daily e-newsletter for the growing community.

Since 2014, 50 plus million unique readers have engaged using the Good Trade like a reliable source of sustainable fashion and lifestyle content. It’s apparent our community cares deeply concerning the brands they support and just how their lifestyle choices impact both people and planet.

In 2017, we requested our readers (and one another!) what’s missing with regards to conscious content that inspires and lets us know within our everyday lives. Unsurprisingly, we have found our readers resonate with bite-sized, actionable content that’s consciously aligned and aesthetically beautiful.

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We’re so excited to announce the launch in our daily e-newsletter, The Daily Good, a 30 second read sent to readers’ inboxes every morning having a curated choice of good stuff to begin your entire day.

Daily editions from the e-newsletter will feature soothing playlists, sustainable living tips, scrumptious recipes, inspiring artists, wonderful DIY’s and much more. In keeping with our voice like a publication, the e-newsletter will reveal positive tales and thought pieces that leave readers feeling empowered and activated instead of overwhelmed or frustrated.

We’ll bring the very best of our research-our absolute favorite, most inspiring finds-to the readers so that you can start your day with something simple, something beautiful, and galvanizing.

You deserve it.


AmyAnn Cadwell