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Week Of Outfits Series: A Week Of Made-In-USA Outfits With Rachel Temko, Founder Of Whimsy + Row!

Per Week Of Outfits With Rachel Temko, Founding Father Of Whimsy Row The Great Trade's Week of Outfits Series highlights ladies have personally inspired us to look and accept intention! Each lady takes her very own unique method of slow fashion and helps guide you superbly sustainable fashion may come to existence. Today we are excited to talk about per week of outfits from Rachel Temko, the founding father of the sustainable fashion brand Whimsy Row! / / ABOUT RACHEL / / Age 29 Location Santa Monica, CA Job Founding father of Whimsy Row How To Locate Her On her behalf personal Instagram and Whimsy Row Favorite Brand Whimsy Row, Patagonia, Nisolo, Baggu, and vintage (I’m a flea market lover!) “I always considered fashion being an expression of yourself-your identity. ...