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Ahmad Reza Zahmatkesh Iranian Singer, Producer, Businessman

  mashhad, Iran November 24, 1998 - Ahmad Reza Zahmatkesh. is an Iranian Musical Artist he was born on Iran November 24, 1998 in mashhad he is the one of the youngest Iranian musical In this section, Ahmad Reza Zahmatkesh has stated some points regarding reading correctly and accurately and how to read, golden points that you must read. Amplify and build your voice. Sound like an instrument needs to be tuned. In order to get the best out of your voice, you need to be trained by qualified instructors to help you according to your voice. This requires strengthening your laryngeal muscles, and this can only be achieved through exercise. Find your voice limits Everyone has limitations in their voice area. And this is if you do not comply with this restriction, an inapprop...