9 Sustainable Gender-Neutral & Gender-Inclusive Brands For Your Next Wardrobe Refresh

Moving Forward In The Binary

Style does not have a gender-why must it? We all know it’s easy to reject the framework of binary gender identity, and embrace what we should and our communities wish to put on with no stigma. We have been seeing lots of queries into gender-neutral and gender-inclusive fashion and wanted to supply a one-stop look for brands that lie in the intersection of gender inclusion and sustainability.

These nine values-driven brands are searching out for that planet’s wellbeing and belong in everyone’s closets. Purchasing brands such as these helps you to support individuals frequently overlooked through the mainstream fashion industry. Remember: Put on what you would like, advocate for that legal rights and safety of others to do this, and end up forgetting the remainder!

1. Olderbrother

  • Located In Or, USA
  • Ethics Organic & deadstock fabrics, natural dyes, biodegradable packaging, in your area produced in California
  • Perfect For Androgynous basics
  • Range Of Products Apparel, socks, accessories
  • Cost Range $$$-$$$$

Olderbrother is really a conscious apparel company centered on keeping clothing natural. In the cultivation of their unique dyes using hibiscus or sustainable wood bark, to the focus on detail around sustainable materials, the company is really a one-of-a-kind ethical fashion shop. The organization believes in supporting ‘self-definition’ and creating clothes which may be worn by body.

2. Kirrin Finch

  • Located In New You are able to, USA
  • Ethics Natural fabrics, sustainable practices, ethically produced in New york city, Japan, & Italia, gives back
  • Perfect For Menswear-inspired apparel for those physiques
  • Range Of Products Blazers & suits, everyday apparel, accessories
  • Cost Range $$$

Kirrin Finch is really a clothing company wishing to “do good nowadays.” The menswear-inspired brand produces its clothes together with fair and ethical factories and boasts close relationships with those who are making all of its products. Kirrin Finch also utilizes low-impact dyes, natural fabrics, and organic materials. Their mission would be to make dapper style available to all, like all of us deserve.

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3. Big Bud Press

  • Located In California, USA
  • Ethics In your area designed & produced in LA, USA-grown cotton & recycled fabrics, non-toxic & low impact dyes, size-inclusive
  • Perfect For Colorful unisex clothes
  • Range Of Products Unisex apparel, bags, accessories
  • Cost Range $$

For styles and colors as vibrant when you are, take a look at Big Bud Press. This LA-based brand creates premium unisex goods from XXS through 7XL, prioritizing local sourcing and ethical manufacturing all the way. Because Big Bud’s clothes are genderless, each size is built to accommodate all physical structure-if you are unsure in which you fall, just achieve out. (The jumpsuits really are a TGT team favorite!)

4. Riley Studio

  • Located In London, United kingdom
  • Ethics Recycled & sustainable materials, ethical production, recyclable packaging
  • Perfect For Coordinated outfits & activewear
  • Range Of Products Gender-neutral adult & children’s apparel, outerwear, loungewear, knitwear, accessories
  • Cost Range ££

Riley Studio is definitely an eco-conscious apparel brand having a pursuit to fare better through the planet and it is people. The organization prioritizes transparency, supplying info on each supplier and factory within its logistics. Additionally, the company partners sources recycled and regenerative materials from waste for example recycled polyester, ECONYL® Yarn, and Recover® Yarn. Riley Studio products have a lifetime warranty for repairs and may bring your old pieces to recycle into brand new ones.


  • Located In California, USA
  • Ethics USA-grown organic cotton & cupro, deadstock & sustainable fabrics, ethically produced in California
  • Perfect For Genderless workwear
  • Range Of Products Apparel, knits, outerwear, masks
  • Cost Range $$$-$$$$

IJJI is really a genderless clothing brand resides in California. Since 2016, this manner-forward brand has centered on natural fibers like made of woll, silk, cupro, and organic cotton to produce beautiful and different silhouettes. IJJI clothes are created near its local studio therefore the brand can vet production and ethics regularly. We like that you could filter from your preferred color or fabric!

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6. Origami Customs

  • Located In Montreal, Canada
  • Ethics Bamboo, recycled & deadstock fabrics, ethical production practices in Canada, gives back
  • Perfect For Custom cuts & made-to-measure fits
  • Range Of Products Swimwear, lingerie, accessories
  • Cost Range $$

Origami Customs is really a hand crafted swimwear and lingerie company focusing on gender-affirming clothes. Additionally to custom orders (stopped during COVID), the company will alter or cut existing pieces free of charge to find the best fit. Having a concentrate on ethical manufacturing, Origami Customs partners with closed-loop and family-owned partners for deadstock, local, and recycled fabrics-all stitched in-house with a small team along with a partner co-op. Find transmasculine, transfeminine & transfemme products, in addition to binders, packing bottoms, and gaffs.

7. TomboyX

  • Located In Washington, USA
  • Ethics Sustainable & OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics, ethically produced in Asia & South Usa, eco-friendly packaging, inclusive sizing
  • Perfect For Comfortable & conscious intimates
  • Range Of Products Under garments, brazier, apparel, swimwear, accessories
  • Cost Range $

TomboyX is really a sustainable clothing company offering unisex undergarments for those sizes and shapes, that suit what you are, not who others let you know to become. The gender-inclusive company produces each bit without dangerous chemicals, including utilizing a water recycling program for water-based methods. Additionally, TomboyX cares for anyone along their logistics by preserve communication with all of suppliers and factories. This brand wishes to alter the systems within fashion on all fronts.

8. Lonely Kids Club

  • Located In Sydney, Australia
  • Ethics Local & ethical production in Sydney, hand crafted in small batches
  • Perfect For Comfortable gender-neutral streetwear
  • Range Of Products Apparel, sleepwear, accessories
  • Cost Range $

Lonely Kids Club is really a clothing brand that began out like a simple graphic t-shirt company. Because the brand is continuing to grow, so has got the range of products. The not-so-small company takes pride in maintaining individuality and humor in the designs, whilst touting sustainable and ethical practices. Lonely Kids Club feels enthusiastic about mental health awareness in addition to gender inclusivity too, and aims to produce a safe space for.

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9. Official Rebrand

  • Located In New You are able to, USA
  • Ethics Upcycled clothes, hand crafted
  • Perfect For Unique statement pieces
  • Range Of Products Streetwear, investment pieces, outerwear, accessories
  • Cost Range $$$

Official Rebrand is really a gender-free clothing brand focusing on artistic exploration and eco-friendly practices. Each bit utilizes pre-worn products to produce upcycled clothes decorated with colored pictures of ‘sinuous, genderless people, blinded by desire.’ All goods are one-of-a-kind and lots of could be customized. Official Rebrand feels strongly about creating clothing that rejects societal norms and offers a freedom of expression for whomever decides to put on them.

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