Ethical Edit: Sustainable Corduroys Are A Blast From The Past!

Whenever your pants are

your very own time capsule

There’s grounds why corduroy fabric is engrained within our brains like a timeless vintage staple along with a flashback towards the past surprisingly, corduroy was initially produced in the 1700s in England. It had been initially produced for use for working men’s attire. It’d many lives over time before the 1960s once the first corduroy small skirt made an appearance around the runway and shocked the style world forever.

Today, corduroy still seems like a sweet nod towards the 60s and 70s, once the fabric was residing in its prime, adding wealthy texture and color to the closets. As well as the truth that the durable, made-to-last nature of corduroy causes it to be it an ageless fabric choice. However, not every corduroy is created sustainably. Here are our four favorite sustainable corduroy picks in silhouettes we like!

1. Austin Pant by Reformation, $148 We like these ultra 70s-inspired corduroy pants which come in 3 different colors. They are manufactured from recycled cotton inside a sustainable factory in China.

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2. Indigo Cord Dress by M.i.h Jeans, £195.00 The subtle silhouette of the cord dress provides a classic nod towards the 60s. Furthermore, this brand uses low impact manufacturing methods and committed sustainability practices.

3. Dori Jacket by Paloma Made of woll, €149.00 For that perfect pop of color, this deep red square cord jacket is made of 100% cotton making with love in Barcelona.

4. Frankie Pants by Lacausa, $154 These cord pants really are a refreshing design and therefore are the right color for spring. They are manufactured from 100% cotton in downtown La.

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