7 Sustainable Computer Glasses Protecting Our Eyes From Blue Light!

Glasses That Reduce Eye Strain

Between computers for work and our phones for play, we’re frequently spending up to 12 hrs each day searching at some kind of digital screen. That’s a great deal for the eyes, which could dry up or cause headaches. One potential option would be to purchase blue light glasses.

With tech emitting better, shorter wave length light (also known as nowhere light), filtering glasses will help reduce digital eye strain, aid with sleep, and much more. As the jury’s still on if light blocking glasses work with everybody, it might be worth obtaining a set of your personal to discover for yourself (no pun intended).

We’ve found seven eyewear brands offering blue light filters using their prescription or non-Rx glasses, which use sustainable materials sourced from plants or plastic. With frames beginning just $50, it’s a useful investment to help ease your eyes’ everyday experience.

?Pro-Tip: For those who have vision insurance, you might be able to submit claims for reimbursement after ordering blue light glasses. Likewise, you might be able to use FSA/HSA dollars when choosing. Seek advice from your insurance provider’s benefits, or even the brand’s website to find out if it is really an option!

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1. Genusee

  • Produced In Flint, Michigan
  • Frame Materials Plastic water bottles
  • Our Pick Sea Blue
  • Cost Range Beginning at $99

Because the first circular economy eyewear brand, Genusee produces glasses in Flint, MI from recycled single-use plastic water bottles-exactly the same ones that are due to the Flint water crisis. They hires formerly incarcerated and occasional-earnings residents in the neighborhood to craft fashion-forward specs that are created to last. Each pair is customizable with single vision, progressive, or non-prescription lenses-and blue light options. Beginning at $99, you may be the modification you need to see.


2. Covry

  • Produced In Handcrafted in China with family-run manufacturing partners
  • Frame Materials Plant-based acetate (cotton & wood pulp)
  • Our Pick Subra Gold
  • Cost Range Beginning at $85

Fed up with industry standards, Athina Wang and Florence Shin founded Covry going to make more inclusive eyewear for each type of face. Today, these handcrafted frames come with an Elevated Fit®, meaning longer nose pads, reduced curvature, along with a narrowed nose bridge for optimum comfort. Unsure where to start? Covry offers home try-ons with five frames at any given time. With 24 blue light filtering frames, your vision is going to be protected against sunup to sundown.


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  • Produced In Ethically produced in China
  • Frame Materials Cellulose acetate & flax straw
  • Our Pick Sulu in Essential Olive Oil
  • Cost Range Beginning at $64.95

You may know SWWAY’s older name, Pela Vision-it’s been a number one sustainable brand for a long time! This certified B Corp and climate-neutral brand creates two blue light styles in as many as six colors (the essential olive oil the first is swoonworthy!). Not just would be the frames biodegradable, they also make use of a third less emissions and water usage than conventional pairs. SWWAY takes back frames when you are completed to upcycle them, and provides to eco-friendly causes.


4. Sunski

  • Produced In Developed in Bay Area, CA & made at vetted factories in China
  • Frame Materials Plastic
  • Our Pick Yuba in Obvious
  • Cost Range Beginning at $58

Give tired eyes a rest with Sunski’s affordable blue light glasses. Sunski developed its very own sustainable material having seen how couple of options lost there it makes sense SuperLight recycled resin produced from scrap plastic. Developed in-house within the San francisco bay area, you will find eight blue light frames which will elevate any look. Prior to committing, you can test on frames virtually or buy a couple of, because of Sunski’s easy refund policy.


5. Peep Eyewear

  • Produced In Vintage frames upcycled within the United kingdom
  • Frame Materials Varies
  • Our Pick ‘80s Silhouette in Aqua
  • Cost Range Beginning at £48

Peep Eyewear knows you cannot have any more sustainable than upcycling. They sources old frames that aren’t being used, breathes new existence into them, and curates vintage choices for the bespoke consumer. With every purchase, Peep plants one tree through Trees for Metropolitan areas. For individuals within the United kingdom, Peep Eyewear offers home try-ons as high as three frames at any given time. Once you’re prepared to purchase, request a blue light filtering lens to be included to your frames and find out the way your eyes improve.


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6. Panda

sustainable computer glasses protecting our eyes from blue light – panda – model wears panda’s robinson frames which include either sunglass lens or blue light filter

  • Produced In A little, vetted factory in China
  • Frame Materials Bamboo & recycled lenses
  • Our Pick Robinson
  • Cost Range Beginning at $50

What began like a effective crowdfunding campaign this year has become global eyewear brand Panda. Panda’s shades and blue light blocking frames have to do with as eco-friendly as possible, created using natural bamboo, sustainable Portuguese cork, and recycled materials. Some of each and every purchase supports ecological and philanthropic initiatives, including 1% for that Planet, One Tree Grown, and Pencils of Promise. Just $50 some, they’re probably the most affordable and sustainable frames.


7. Proof Eyewear

sustainable computer glasses to safeguard our eyes from blue light Proof eyewear – male model wears proof’s barber acetate glasses

  • Produced In Ethically produced in China
  • Frame Materials Cotton-based acetate & sustainably sourced wood
  • Our Pick Barber Acetate
  • Cost Range Beginning at $150

Proof Eyewear, headquartered from Idaho, believes that everybody could be a global citizen. This sustainable brand uses responsibly sourced wood, cotton-based acetate, and recycled aluminum for sunwear and optical frames. Then, each frame purchase gives to Proof’s Do Good Program supporting initiatives around empowerment, atmosphere, and education. Select from any one of its blue light filtering styles which will focus on any face shape.