Sustainable City Guide: 10 Places To Stay, Eat & Shop In Nashville, Tennessee!

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Nashville, Tennessee is really a hotspot to keep things interesting, entrepreneurship, and culture. Whether you’re visiting Nashville for any concert, a celebration, or simply to determine the sights of the fast-growing city, there are many choices for exploring consciously. Music City hosts an evolving, eclectic culture that’s about sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and conscious living. Below are great tips on the best way to not just enjoy and feel the city, but additionally the best way to take part in impacting it – and also the world itself – permanently.

// Places To Stay //

Hutton Hotel

Why We Like It Within the downtown hub of the fast-growing city, the luxurious Hutton Hotel operates with ecological sustainability in your mind. Referred to as Nashville’s greenest hotel, the Hutton resides inside a repurposed building in the 1970’s. Your accommodation uses biodegradable cleaners, implements recycling initiatives, uses Brought bulbs, and uses soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers to lessen plastic waste. Additionally they offer entirely electric courtesy cars and also have electric vehicle charging stations.

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The Hermitage Hotel

Why We Like It This grand, historic hotel is really a stunning work of architecture that completely fuses European influences with Nashville’s southern charm. But don’t permit this to grandeur fool you – The Hermitage partners using the Land Trust for Tennessee, which educates, advocates, and fundraises for land conservation. Some of make money from each hotel stay is led to TLTT. Over 75,000 acres happen to be protected and conserved because of this partnership.

The Hermitage also owns and cultivates Double H Farms and also the Gardens at Glen Leven. A lot of the meals and ingredients offered in the Hermitage’s Capitol Grille restaurant are fresh in the farm and gardens.

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// Where You Can Eat //

Hamburger Up

Why We Like It Hamburger Up supplies a cozy, communal dining experience that leaves your belly full, your palette diversified, as well as your conscience intact. Having a dedication to “thoughtful consuming,” Hamburger Up solely sources in your area-elevated beef from humane-minded farms. Their fresh method of the classic American hamburger tastes good, but feels better still.

  • How To Locate It 12 South Neighborhood & East Nashville
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Vegan & vegetarian restaurant

Why We Like It Situated in East Nashville, Nature Cow serves a few of the city’s freshest fare – you’ll find neither freezer nor microwave in the kitchen area! All ingredients are in your area sourced and cruelty-free. You’ll love TWC’s vegan/vegetarian undertake burgers, tacos, and sandwiches, as well as their community participation. TWC donates some of the sales to a new charitable organization every month.

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Farm-to-table restaurant

Why We Like It The meals at Urban Grub looks and tastes so fresh, you’d swear it had been grown or elevated just outdoors the restaurant’s doorways. Serving up southern dishes with healthy, unique flair, Urban Grub reinvents your preferred home-cooked meals like mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, and prime cuts of fish and meat.

  • How To Locate It 12 South Neighborhood
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Vegan restaurant

Why We Like It Avo sources all ingredients in your area and sustainably to make sure their clients feel the freshest, most high-quality vegan cuisine. Their plant-based menu suits the times of year with various soups and desserts, but favorites for example avocado toast, kale salads, and zucchini pasta remain available year-round. With gluten-free and organic options, the bar and cocktail menu can hold any nutritional limitations.

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// Where You Can Shop //


Why We Like It The Nisolo brand is making an impactful fashion statement using their handcrafted, sustainably created leather goods. With factories in Peru, Mexico, and Kenya, Nisolo seeks to recognition the skill and culture of shoemaking by having to pay producers above fair trade wages and supplying healthcare. Nisolo prices products fairly having a “direct-to-consumer approach” to ensure that the purchase is from the greatest craftsmanship, whilst making certain exceptional compensation, benefits, and dealing conditions for producers.

  • How To Locate It Germantown
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Think about the

Why We Like It Think about the Wldflwrs’s delicate yet stunning jewellery is hand crafted and custom-developed in-house. This in your area-owned company concentrates on intentionality with every customer, cultivating community through workshops and classes, and developing a brand that elevates quality over quantity: “Quantity means ‘this is exactly what I have’ but quality means ‘this is who I’m.’”

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Branded Collective

Why We Like It While Branded Collective does not have its very own brick-and-mortar store, retailers over the city sell their brass, copper, and aluminum jewellery. Each bit of jewellery includes a different number placed in it – several that means certainly one of a lot of who’re branded by human trafficking. Branded Collective workers are human-trafficking survivors in the non-profit Finish Slavery Tennessee (also located in Nashville). By buying and putting on BC’s jewellery, you’re getting involved in the movement to finish sex slavery.

  • How To Locate It Online & various Nashville stores

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Why We Like It The ABLE brand is on the pursuit to help finish poverty through creating sustainable jobs, particularly for ladies. ABLE’s goods are created in communities globally that face the difficulties of poverty, hoping making more jobs and modeling a sustainable economy. When you can frequent ABLE’s storefront around the west side from the city, you’ll also find their beautiful leather goods, scarves, and jewellery offered at other retailers throughout Nashville.

  • How To Locate It The Nations
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