Set The Table With These 11 Sustainable Ceramic Plates!

For Earth-Friendly Eating

When selecting dinnerware from big-box retailers, what appears like a sturdy plate may really be produced from easily damaged tempered glass or, worse, plastic. But when you’re searching to purchase the next group of plates, we advise searching at ceramics. Not just are ceramics durable for longterm use, but they’re also created using natural clay.

You will find three primary kinds of ceramics: porcelain, stoneware, and porcelain. Porcelain is fired at typically 1950 levels F (1000 levels Celsius), producing a hardened look that could require an additional glaze. While stoneware is mid- to high-fired from 2200 to 2350 levels F (1200 levels Celsius) having a end product that’ll be stronger and waterproof. Porcelain, firing in the greatest temp (2400 levels F, or 1300 levels Celsius) is frequently white-colored, shiny, and hardened to look at.

With this thought, we’ve sourced a couple of brands offering sustainable ceramic plates so that you can change your kitchen within the most thoughtful way. The top list features the most cost effective option, so that as you scroll lower, you’ll discover the investment heirloom pieces. (While you’re in internet marketing, take a look at our guides to recycled glasses and sustainable flatware.) Next time you are making a house-cooked meal, you will be proud to, as the saying goes in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” put that in your plate.

1. Hawkins New You are able to

  • Ceramic-Plates-Hawkins-New-You are able to
  • Produced In Portugal
  • Materials Stoneware
  • Cost Beginning at $24/dinner plate

For sustainable ceramics which are as sturdy because they are stylish, Hawkins New York’s Shaker Dinnerware collection, available on Food52, is our go-to. The Hawkins team has spent years dealing with worldwide artisans to craft quality home items at affordable cost points. Which plates are proof of the team’s values: produced in Portugal, highly functional, and superbly designed, beginning just $20.

SHOP HAWKINS NEW You are able to

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2. The Small Market

  • Ceramic-Plates-The-Little-Market
  • Produced In The other agents
  • Materials Ceramic, lead-free paint
  • Cost Beginning at $28/dinner plate

The Small Marketplace is a nonprofit one-stop look for ethical and sustainable goods, including fair trade ceramic plates. Some plates are inspired by Marrakech prints, while some are gold-rimmed and hands-colored, but each one is produced by artisans from Chabi Chic in The other agents. Purchase these artisan-made goods to ensure that all ladies might have economic empowerment.


3. Spartan Shop

  • Ceramic-Plates-Spartan-Shop
  • Produced In New You are able to, NY
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Cost $32/dinner plate

Spartan Shop offers curated home items, furniture, and art from a number of gifted makers and doers. As well as on the platform’s vast assortment of tabletop products, we like Eric Bonnin’s imperfectly round ceramic plates. This group of four plates is hand crafted to buy in New You are able to, with three glaze options.


4. Heath Ceramics

  • Ceramic-Plates-Heath
  • Produced In Sausalito, CA
  • Materials Ceramic
  • Cost Beginning at $36/dinner plate

70 years back, Heath Ceramics began like a small pottery studio, now they offers ceramics for tabletops, dinnerware, and much more, all designed and handcrafted from California. With numerous ceramic collections and different colors available like the most popular, in france they-inspired Chez Panisse, you’ll find the right plates to fit your kitchen style.


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5. East Fork

  • Ceramic-Plates-East-Fork
  • Produced In Asheville, New York
  • Materials Stoneware
  • Cost $42/dinner plate

For hand crafted modern ceramic plates, we’re eyeing East Fork’s kitchen collection. Made from Asheville using in your area sourced clay, these ceramic plates are beloved by potters and residential cooks alike. Get a cake, side, or dinner plate, and you’ll support this small-batch studio while creating a much more palatable dish.


6. Settle Ceramics

  • Ceramic-Plates-Settle-Ceramics
  • Produced In Austin, Texas
  • Materials Stoneware
  • Cost Beginning at $46/dinner plate

Settle Ceramics is devoted to crafting heirloom ceramics for your house, knowing they are able to serve you for a lifetime. Our pick, body fat Rim Lunch Plate in the Wander Collection, is among many selections that are made-to-order, from weighing and wedging the Texas-sourced stoneware, to firing and hands glazing with custom formulas. Cherish mealtime much more.


7. Baughaus Design Studio

  • Produced In Jamaica
  • Materials Porcelain
  • Cost $50/dinner plate

These ceramic dinner plates from lady-owned business Baughaus are modern Jamaican ceramics in their finest. With beautiful floral colors and shapes, they brighten each meal while concurrently keeping toxins and harsh chemicals from your food.



  • Ceramic-Plates-EKUA
  • Produced In La, CA
  • Materials Ceramic, concrete body stain, obvious glaze
  • Cost $50/nine-inch plate

EKUA, a ceramics shop launched by Sara Ekua Todd, offers kitchenware and ceramic art that fuses together Sara’s upbringing in Belgium and existence in California. Inspired by functionality and appearance, EKUA’s ceramic plates can be bought like a set or individually. As observed in the brand new You are able to Occasions and across LA, Sara’s jobs are someone to remember (Look out on her next shop update in September!)


9. Turtle General Store

  • Ceramic-Plates-Turtle-General-Store
  • Produced In Hasami, Japan
  • Materials Porcelain
  • Cost $55/10-inch plate

Looking for high-quality porcelain plates? Take a look at Turtle General Store, and our pick, the Hasami Porcelain collection. Created using conventional methods from pottery town Hasami in Japan, these ceramic plates make use of a proprietary combination of clay and crushed stone that’s been employed for over four centuries. You’ll enjoy lots of wealthy history with each and every use.


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10. Mondays

  • Ceramic-Plates-Mondays
  • Produced In Brooklyn, NY
  • Materials Porcelain
  • Cost Beginning at $55/dinner plate

Began by duo Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli- who met inside a Monday night ceramics class- Mondays is definitely an ode for their partnership and dedication to hand crafted ceramics. Additionally towards the team’s Permanent Collection that provides longtime favorites like our very own pick, Ryman Dinner Porcelain Plates, Mondays also provides one-of-a-kind homegoods you’ll never find elsewhere.


11. Helen Levi

  • Ceramic-Plates-Helen-Levi
  • Produced In New You are able to, NY
  • Materials Stoneware
  • Cost $62/dinner plate

For just one-of-a-kind ceramic plates you’ll never find elsewhere, take a look at Helen Levi’s choices. Crafted by Helen Christgau Levi, a professional photographer and potter from New You are able to City, these stoneware plates are created to order, with every piece glazed by hands. Exquisite and artisan-made, you’ll wow any and each dinner guest.