11 Eco-Conscious Athletic Wear Brands To Keep You Moving!

Ethically Made Activewear

Using the turn of the year comes a brand new resolve to include movement into our days. This periodic transition is time for you to renew our dedication to self-care, health, and wellbeing. Beyond just preparing for any good workout, sports put on has become much more of commonplace for daily put on, and we’re always on the quest for conscious companies.

With fair trade and ethical labor practices, natural and recycled fabrics, and native, limited, and conscious production, these brands do operator to supply consumers rich in-performance activewear while protecting both people and also the planet. Tell us your faves!

If you are updating your fitness routine, make sure to take a look at our help guide to the very best eco-friendly yoga mats. As well as for your awesome-lower or rest day, snuggle in these cozy and sustainable loungwear brands.

Finding eco-conscious clothing that also makes you feel good is not always easy. Luckily, there are some brands out there that make men’s yoga apparel while being environmentally conscious. There is a wide array of sizes to choose from so no matter what your needs are, you’ll be able to find a brand that fits them.

1. Girlfriend Collective

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model wears Girlfriend Collective’s forest eco-friendly sports bra and matching skort.
  • Located In San antonio, WA
  • Ethics Sustainable & recycled materials, ethically made, gives back, size-inclusive, eco-friendly packaging, recycling program
  • Perfect For Size-inclusive activewear
  • Range Of Products Adult activewear, swimwear, outerwear, tops, bottoms, accessories, under garments
  • Size Range XXS-6XL
  • Cost Range $-$$

From skorts to sports brazier, Girlfriend Collective has everything. Which thoughtful brand is extremely size-inclusive from XXS to 6XL, nearly showing everyone is definitely an active body. The fabrics are sustainable or recycled, too for instance, its best-selling Compressive Leggings are created with 25 recycled water bottles! From the stance on ethical production to the affordable, gorgeous designs to seeing models who really seem like us, there’s a lot to like.


2. Organic Basics

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model poses putting on Organic Basics’ fast set, together with a crop top and shin-length leggings with pockets.
  • Located In Copenhagen, Denmark & Bay Area, CA
  • Ethics Certified B Corp, GOTS certified sustainable materials, eco-friendly practices, ethically made, gives back
  • Perfect For Bralettes, leggings, & crop tops
  • Range Of Products Adult activewear, swimwear, under garments, bottoms, tops, accessories
  • Size Range XS-XXL
  • Cost Range $$

Organic Basics just uses natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable, and occasional-impact textiles. Which means you can get organic cotton brazier, Tencel tank tops (that’s a fiber produced from responsibly sourced wood pulp), and yoga shorts made from recycled nylon. Organic Basics also works together with certified factory partners that pay living wages. Like a B Corp, the company donates some of their profits to grassroots activists and organizations that address ecological crises.


3. Pact

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model poses putting on Pact’s maroon sports bra and matching full-length leggings, with pockets close to the sides.
  • Located In Boulder, CO
  • Ethics Fair Trade certified options, GOTS certified organic materials, recycling program, eco-friendly practices
  • Perfect For Affordable adult activewear
  • Range Of Products Adult yoga apparel, outerwear, under garments, tops, socks, bottoms
  • Size Range XS-2X
  • Cost Range $-$$

Pact imagines a global without toxic chemicals, sweatshops, or child labor-it’s the type of world you want to reside in, too. The brand’s basics are ethically created using GOTS certified organic cotton. Most pieces are certified Fair Trade, too. With neutral colors and cost-effective prices, Pact is the best spot to maintain stocks of all of your cotton undergarments, including socks, under garments, and leggings.


4. Patagonia

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model wears Patagonia’s fleece zip-upa, blue beanie, brown full-length leggings, and Veja athletic shoes.
  • Located In Ventura, CA
  • Ethics Certified B Corp, eco-friendly materials & practices, gives back, Fair Trade certified options, secondhand shop
  • Perfect For Sport-specific activewear
  • Range Of Products Adult & kids’ activewear (bodysuits, outerwear, yoga apparel, fleeces)
  • Size Range XXS-XXL
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

Patagonia is really a B Corp dedicated to the triple main point here: profit, people, and planet. The brand’s mission incorporates building the very best products for individuals who love the truly amazing outdoors whilst taking care of the atmosphere-that is why Patagonia also offers generous warranties, repairs, or even a secondhand shop. Whether you are searching for yoga pants, outside jackets, running shorts, or activewear for children, this California-based brand has your back.


5. REI

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model wears REI’s dark grey zip-up top.
  • Located In Kent, WA
  • Ethics Co-op model, sustainable materials & practices, ethically made & some fair trade options, gives back, carbon-neutral, trade-in program
  • Perfect For Sport-specific activewear
  • Range Of Products Adult & children’s tops, bottoms, under garments, outerwear
  • Size Range XXS-3X
  • Cost Range $-$$$

Whether you’re climbing, camping, cycling, or striking the slopes, search to REI for used and new apparel. This popular store is dedicated to sourcing sustainable materials, like organically produced cotton and cellulose fibers produced from trees. And when you purchase an item, you’re supporting other nature enthusiasts-greater than 70 % from the co-op’s annual earnings are invested into the community through investments in nonprofits and dividends to REI people.


6. Summersalt

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model poses outside on the tennis court putting on Summersalt’s color-blocking activewear. The set features a sports bra and full-length leggings, in fast, light blue, and tan colorblocks.
  • Located In St. Louis, MO
  • Ethics Eco-friendly practices, recycled packaging & materials, responsibly produced in WRAP certified factories
  • Perfect For Color-blocking go swimming & activewear
  • Range Of Products Women’s swimwear, loungewear, activewear, sleepwear, outerwear
  • Size Range XS-2X
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

Summersalt takes the planet by storm. With earth-friendly apparel for ladies-on-the-go, affordable cost points, and sustainable practices, it’s no question this apparel lines are worn by celebrities and recognized by nearly everybody we currently. On top of that, instead of using outdated industry sizing standards, the company works together with over 10,000 women to guarantee the best, preferred fit.


7. tentree

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model showcases tentree’s jogger pants in mauve, white-colored athletic shoes, along with a black turtleneck.
  • Located In Vancouver, Canada
  • Ethics Certified B Corp, sustainable & recycled materials, ethically made, gives back, climate-neutral
  • Perfect For Graphic sports tees & hoodies
  • Range Of Products Adult & children activewear, tops, bottoms, loungewear, accessories
  • Size Range XS-XXL
  • Cost Range $-$$

tentree realizes that every tiny bit helps with regards to being more eco-friendly, whether it’s getting a multiple-use bag towards the supermarket or shopping consciously. For each purchase, tentree plants 10 trees (the organization aspires to plant 1 billion by 2030-take that, global warming!), and most 71 million happen to be grown already. We like the blending of sports put on with beautiful graphics for unique-yet-practical activewear.


8. Allbirds

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model poses doing knee-high exercise with Allbird’s vibrant eco-friendly active tee, a more dark eco-friendly set of active shorts, high socks, and Allbirds’ athletic shoes.
  • Located In Bay Area, CA
  • Ethics Certified B Corp, eco-friendly & recycled materials, ethically made, carbon-neutral
  • Perfect For Athletic shoes & men’s activewear
  • Range Of Products Adult footwear, activewear, layering basics, under garments, socks
  • Size Range XS-XXXL
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

Allbirds revolutionized the shoe game if this first launched in 2016. At that time, the company only offered adult athletic shoes-however they grew to become a tight schedule-to for anybody prioritizing comfort and sustainability within their daily walks. Since that time, this certified B Corp has expanded its products to incorporate activewear like leggings, shorts, and tees-created using sustainable materials. Obtain the carbon-neutral basics you’ll need-on this page-for your forthcoming run.


9. Outside Voices

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model poses with arms above mind while putting on Outside Voices’ barrier matching activewear set. The set features a sports bra and leggings.
  • Located In Austin, Texas
  • Ethics Recycled materials & packaging, eco-friendly practices & production, gives back
  • Perfect For Women’s crop tops & shorts
  • Range Of Products Adult sports put on, outerwear
  • Size Range XXS-XXXL
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

Outside Voices’ interchangeable layers are ideal for any season or activity. From dog jogs to dodgeball, this sports put on collection spans gym-existence and, well, existence-existence. Outside Voices sources sustainable textiles, including responsibly sourced merino made of woll and recycled polyester produced from water bottles, and the organization takes proper care of its stateside and overseas factory partners, prioritizing fair working conditions and ethical labor practices.


10. alder apparel

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model wears alder apparel’s outside dress, inside a marigold yellow. The gown includes a “skort” feature with shorts around the greater leg along with a lower skort hem nearer to the knee.
  • Located In Toronto, Canada
  • Ethics Eco-friendly & recycled materials, ethically made, size-inclusive
  • Perfect For Size-inclusive recreational put on
  • Range Of Products Womxn’s recreational activewear, pants, shorts, tops, jackets
  • Size Range XS-6X
  • Cost Range $$-$$$$

Let’s be genuine: Most womxn’s activewear is different to particular physical structure. alder apparel aims to alter that by concentrating on inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability-because everybody should feel seen. Began with a fashion marketing expert along with a National Geographic Explorer, this colorful outside brand is about recreational apparel, together with a rain-or-shine coat, hiking shorts, and reversible tees. We’re most impressed with the way the brand takes customer comments in the design process!


11. Wolven

  • Eco-Conscious Sports Put on Brands: Model wears Wolven’s patterned workout put on, together with a one-shouldered sports bra having a eliminate over the right side from the chest. She also wears an identical blue and white-colored set of workout shorts.
  • Located In La, CA
  • Ethics OEKO-TEX certified sustainable materials, carbon-neutral, recyclable packaging, WCA-certified ethical working conditions, gives back, secondhand shop
  • Perfect For Patterned/printed sports put on
  • Range Of Products Adult sports put on, swimwear, loungewear, basics
  • Size Range XS-XL
  • Cost Range $$-$$$

To find the best in sleek and sustainable sports put on, take a look at Wolven, an LA-based brand creating fashion-forward pieces from publish-consumer plastic. This collection is ethically created in small batches either in LA or China, and also the brand removes one pound of plastic waste in the sea with each and every purchase. Shop for leggings, joggers, and tops for those genders, from fitted silhouettes to crisscross styles-they’re carbon-neutral, sustainably made, and downright sexy.