5 Eco-Friendly Airbnb Listings For Your Next Green Getaway!

Stunning Eco-friendly Getaways on Airbnb

Since 2008, Airbnb continues to be altering the way you travel-in additional ways than a single. With more than 2.3 million current listings, travelers can pick an area that completely suits their demands. Booking rooms fosters community and new relationships, while renting a whole home offers privacy within the most stunning locations.

Because of so many listings to select from, we compiled a summary of a lot of our favorite eco-friendly cabo san lucas vacation rentals. These unique homes create spaces that utilize natural sources and the environment that surrounds them. From old shipping containers to bamboo tree houses, these dwellings produce a conscious vacation experience unlike any other.

1. Off-Grid itHouse

  • Location Pioneertown, CA
  • Eco-Friendly Features Solar power panels, sliding doorways produced from Solarban 60 Glass, minimal living, fresh pressed juice delivery
  • Features Created by architects Linda Taalman and Alan Koch, secluded in Joshua Tree Park, Casper mattresses, suspended wood burning hearth
  • Nightly Rate $380

The Off-Grid itHouse sits just outdoors of Pioneertown, a cool Old West town in California. A brief drive in to the desert, the itHouse is secluded and utilizes natural sources for visitors lucky enough to stay. Awaken within the sunbaked backwoods of California’s high desert and enjoy fresh pressed juice sent to you. Featured in Dwell, La Occasions, Sunset Magazine, and much more, this home supplies a fantastic off-the-grid dwelling experience.

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2. The Roost Treehouse

  • Location Greensboro, NC
  • Eco-Friendly Features Contaminant-free, foam-free, built with local & sustainable materials, Brought lights
  • Features Treehouse, all-natural made of woll bed mattress and organic cotton sheets, coffeeshops and boutique stores nearby
  • Nightly Rate $85

A treehouse in the center of a town, The Roost motorboats comfort, creativeness, along with a unique dwelling experience for individuals visiting Greensboro, New York. Built with simply local or repurposed products (along side it of the house is cork!), the 400-square-feet home was built by several buddies in just five several weeks. The stain around the 100-year-old reclaimed cabinets is made of vinegar, coffee, and steel made of woll. Experience downtown Greensboro, along with the hiking and biking trails nearby.

3. The O2Haus

  • Location Portland, OR
  • Eco-Friendly Features Certified among the most energy-efficient homes on the planet, solar power panels, internet-zero energy, reclaimed shipping crate hardwood flooring, heat-recovery ventilation system
  • Features Sunset balcony, bike parking, heated towel racks, light breakfast provided
  • Nightly Rate $89

Visitors can rent a personal room within the O2Haus, single,950-square-feet home overlooking the Tulatin Hillsides. The house sits on the top of the 11,000-gallon potable water cistern featuring composting toilets, stormwater catchment, and systems integrated into the landscape for rainwater infiltration. Based on its builder, the house potentially produces more energy of computer consumes. Explore everything Portland provides while hanging using the proprietors from the O2Haus following a day’s biking, brews, and farmer’s markets.

4. Dreamy Tropical Tree House

  • Location Fern Forest, HI
  • Eco-Friendly Features Solar energy, rainwater catchment, natural lighting, cork shower, bamboo construction
  • Features Treehouse, DIY lighting fixtures, DIY rock sink, local coffee, organic shampoo/conditioner, indoor/outside shower, wrap-around porch
  • Nightly Rate $200

Searching for any romantic escape or secluded jungle experience on Hawaii’s big island of hawaii? Stick to the yellow brick route to The Dreamy Tropical Tree House. This bamboo treehouse is made 15 ft full of the trees of Fern Forest, so that you can enjoy your morning cup of local coffee while observing the sights and sounds from the jungle. Every night you are sleeping within the treehouse, a donation is created via Awesome Earth to safeguard four trees in Papua New Guinea, which will help save 3.5 tonnes of CO2 every evening.

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5. Modern Beach Container Home

  • Location Carolina Beach, NC
  • Eco-Friendly Features Recycled shipping container, organic linens, paperstone countertops, original mahogany floors
  • Features Casper mattresses, walking distance towards the beach, surfboards, outside shower
  • Nightly Rate $125

An inexpensive, eco-friendly dwelling for beach enthusiasts and surf bums, the current Beach Container Home sits around the sand 15 miles south of Wilmington, New York. Based on its proprietors, the little beach town was lately overcome with builders cutting lower all the trees for luxurious beach houses. In order to preserve the plant life and supply a good example of small space living, they built two container homes which are located two blocks in the sea.