Shopping For A Foodie: 9 Excellent Gift Options For People Who Love Home Cooking!

Shopping for a foodie can be tough for a number of reasons. For one thing, many foodies are particular about the things they use in their kitchen, whether ingredients, tools or appliances. For another, you never know if a foodie will actually use the niche item that you pick out.

Before making the leap and buying a gift for the foodie in your life, it is a good idea to find out whether they already own the item or something similar. It can also help to keep an ear out for anything they express a wish for in the run-up to their birthday or other special event.

Blank Cookbook

A blank cookbook can be a great gift option for the foodie in your life. It allows them to fill the pages with their favorite recipes, creating their own family heirloom to pass down through the generations. You can find blank cookbooks of all types, from completely blank pages to books with pre-sectioned pages for ingredients, steps and tips. For added personalization, you could get a cookbook with their name printed on the cover.

Cocktail-Mixing Station

For foodies that also love mixing the perfect margarita, a cocktail mixing station can be an excellent gift. Not only does it provide a place for your foodie to store all their alcohol, mixer and other drinks, but it can also provide a central place for guests to gather when they have parties. A mixing station on wheels can be ideal for convenience, and you could also invest in all the accessories needed, such as cocktail shakers, measuring cups and stirrers.

Smart Mug

No one enjoys the feeling of raising a cup of coffee to their lips only to find the liquid has gone lukewarm without realizing it. You can ensure this never happens to the foodie in your life again by investing in a smart mug, which controls the temperature of the hot drink inside it, keeping it at an optimal temperature set by the user. It’s one of those brilliant appliances that most would never consider buying for themselves but would adore as a gift from a loved one.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes can be great gifts, and the range of boxes available that could appeal to a foodie is truly awe-inspiring. There’s everything from fresh produce, wines, cheeses, sauces, herbs and much more. You’ll need an idea of what your foodie will use most before you sign them up for their first box. It’s also best to start out with less frequent deliveries – you don’t want to bombard your giftee with food and household goods they might not use!

Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the pizza connoisseur, an at-home outdoor pizza oven could be the ultimate gift. Ooni has a wide range of pizza ovens that can help your foodie to make perfectly cooked, truly delicious and authentic Italian and American pizzas. It may help to run this purchase past your giftee before you invest to ensure they have the space in their yard for an outdoor oven.

Wine Aerator

For wine lovers, a wine aerator can be an excellent option, helping your giftee pour the perfectly aerated glass of wine every time. Aerators have the benefit of equally aerating the wine being poured, ensuring that each drop is perfectly aerated before drinking. You could even opt for an electric or smart wine aerator for the tech-loving foodie in your life.

Personalized Apron

A classic option for any food lover, a personalized apron has long been a top choice. You could look for a humorous apron or get an apron with your giftee’s name printed on it. You could also consider an apron with various photos printed on it, particularly popular for gifts to parents from kids. You could also look for aprons with increased functionality, such as options with extra pockets and loops to hold tools and ingredients while they cook.

Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is the ultimate multifunctional cooking tool and can be used for a vast range of meals, from savory to sweet. A cast iron skillet is also one of the most durable cooking tools. If you invest in one of a suitable quality, you can be sure that it will last for years or even decades – in some cases, it can be virtually indestructible.

Fondue Set

A fondue set can be a great gift, providing your foodie with endless opportunities to dip tasty creations into gooey cheese or chocolate. Depending on your budget, you could either get a basic set, which suspends a flameproof container above an area for several candles, or an electric or smart fondue set.

The basic set can be ideal for a more romantic gift, allowing couples to enjoy delicious treats by the candlelight. An electric or smart fondue set can be more beneficial for anyone who likes to entertain and make fondue for groups, keeping the cheese or chocolate at a steady temperature without burning.