Simple Seed Cycling Tips For Balancing Your Hormones Through Food!

Seed Cycling 101

Medicine teaches us that hormonal upset or imbalances ought to be balanced with synthetic hormones, typically by means of contraception. Rarely will we get a pamphlet at our doctor’s office that provides alternatives for example herbal treatments or food balancing methods like seed cycling.

While medicine is frequently crucial for finding and treating underlying hormonal imbalances-it may be worth tinkering with natural options to determine what works best for our individual physiques.

Personally, seed cycling is really a new idea for me personally. I’m excited allow it go and see results for yourself with my very own cycle to lessen PMS signs and symptoms and regulate hormonal fluctuations.


“Seed cycling uses a mix of specific seeds to manage a woman’s cycle. ”

To put it simply, seed cycling uses a mix of specific seeds to manage a ladies cycle. In seed cycling, the 4 phases of the 28 day (or shorter) cycle are damaged lower into two: the menstrual and follicular phase (phase one), and also the ovulatory and luteal phase (phase two). When seed cycling, you consume specific seeds over these two phases. Seeds are wealthy in essential fatty acids along with other nutrients that offer the body’s manufacture of essential hormones.

Ladies who have consistently implemented seed cycling report reduced PMS signs and symptoms and much more regular cycles, in addition to respite from hormonal acne, fatigue, along with other annoying stuff that accompany a regular monthly flow. It might seem a little intimidating, but seed cycling couldn’t become more simple. Here’s how it operates:

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When beginning to seed cycle, you need to start with taking seeds on the very first day of the period. Listed here are the seeds to consider in this phase:

One tablespoon flax & one tablespoon pumpkin seeds every single day for several days 1-14

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds contain lignans, that are a nutrient present in plants which are full of omegas and aid in reducing the overproduction of oestrogen in your body. Flax may also safeguard against hormone-related cancers, for example cancer of the breast.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, which is useful for helping with hormonal acne and overall mood. Zinc will also support progesterone production in your body helping with cell growth and turnover, that is required for women’s physiques while moving through their cycles.

Again, in seed cycling, the 4 phases in our cycle are combined into two. This phase starts with your menstrual period and goes completely through ovulation. It’s known as the Follicular phase since the anterior pituitary gland releases a hormone that energizes the follicle, and every follicle holds an immature egg. The follicles will also be accountable for thickening the uterus lining when preparing for pregnancy.


Throughout the other half of the cycle, you’ll go ahead and take equivalent seeds-but switch up the kind of seeds to be perfect for your body’s needs over these phases. Here’s things to take:

One tablespoon of either sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, or both every single day for several days 14-28

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Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds also contain lignans to assist eliminate excess oestrogen production. These seeds are full of omega 6, that is a wonderful anti-inflammatory.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain selenium, also is anti-inflammatory. They assist balance hormones and help with proper liver function. Sunflower seeds will also be full of omega 6, and that’s why these seeds may either be utilized together or taken alone, for the way much balance you’ll need.

This phase is the other half of the cycle. Progesterone levels are dealing with fluctuations, and could also be undesirable PMS signs and symptoms like bloating, moodiness, and sleeplessness. Should you have a tendency to experience these signs and symptoms in this phase, think about using both sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

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Tasty Methods to Eat Your Seeds

The easiest way for seed cycling to operate would be to take seeds every single day using your entire cycle-this, obviously, takes some planning and meal prep. Begin by buying all your seeds raw as well as in bulk. Grind the seeds that you’ll be using for that week and them within the refrigerator. The united nations-ground seeds can remain in jars inside your cabinet. It’s suggested to consume your seeds each morning, but to nibble on them anytime during the day.

Listed below are some creative methods for incorporating seeds daily to your diet:

Flax – add these to a smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal. You may also sprinkle them on the top of salads or toast.

Pumpkin – make pumpkin seed pesto, sprinkle them on the Buddha bowl, or add these to your smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal in the morning.

Sesame – Help make your own Tahini sauce, sprinkle on the top of salads, macro bowls, warm breakfast meals, or on avocado toast.

Sunflower – Make sunflower seed butter to spread on toast and increase smoothies, or create a scrumptious bean-less sunflower seed hummus.

Dealing with food as medicine can seem to be daunting initially however, when you create a system which works for you, the advantages over-shadow time it requires to prep. Like a society, we’re still learning a great deal from what our food can provide us and continuously studying how our physiques react to various kinds of food. Enjoy seed cycling, and consider it as a method to stay tuned for your own unique rhythms.

For those who have any ideas or strategies for seed cycling, please be part of your comments ought to below!