4 Social Enterprise Companies Creating Brighter Futures For All!

SE4Jobs, a network of Social Enterprises centered on training and hiring people with barriers to operate. SE4Jobs offers the field using the specialized sources and nation-wide connections social enterprises have to improve their impact and scale their companies, to allow them to help much more individuals with employment barriers get employed, stay employed, and advance. Edge in the game by supplying forums for peer-to-peer learnings, understanding experts to succeed the area, tools to trace collective impact, and marketing to improve exposure and awareness for social enterprises. Meet four of the SE4Jobs people over the U.S employing resilient individuals and creating incredible products.


Location: Chicago, IL

Social Enterprise Mission: Vibrant Endeavors is really a non-profit social enterprise that creates artisan soy candle lights, in addition to operates a votive candle rental business for eco-friendly event centers. Of service agency New Moms, they employ youthful moms or pregnant youth who’re destitute or vulnerable to being homeless. The task at Vibrant Endeavors equips the ladies with job skills, in addition to enables them to gain elevated numeracy and literacy skills.

Product: Vibrant Endeavors is really a social enterprise in Chicago that creates a number of votives, scented soy candle lights, and gift sets, produced by youthful moms in job training.

Digital rebel NELL

Location: Detroit, MI

Social Enterprise Mission: Digital rebel Nell employs, educates, and supports single moms within their mission to become self-sufficient.

Product: All Digital rebel Nell’s jewellery is made of recycled Detroit graffiti after it falls to the ground- Detroit art switched into Detroit jewellery produced by Detroit people.


Location: Chicago, IL.

Social Enterprise Mission: The Rebuilding Exchange is really a non-profit social enterprise having a mission to produce a marketplace for reclaimed building materials. Edge in the game by diverting materials from landfills and which makes them available for reuse through our retail warehouse, your clients’ needs sustainable deconstruction practices, by supplying education and job training programs, by creating innovative models for sustainable reuse.

Product: RX Made is really a type of easy and functional furniture built from reclaimed and in your area-sourced materials.


Location: Dayton, Ohio

Social Enterprise Mission: Lindy & Clients are a social enterprise that creates gourmet pet treats. They’re run by Daybreak, a social service agency and shelter for destitute youth in Dayton, Ohio. Lindy & Company employs the youth who come through Daybreak, involving them in most parts of the industry, from baking to packaging to shipping.

Product: Gourmet baked pet treats, including gluten-free options. They’ve cat and dog treats available, both in training size and regular. They likewise have an extensive range of flavors.

Find Out More: SE4Jobs hosts four quarterly webinars annually on educational topics we believe may benefit the area. The June 28th web seminar will concentrate on Product Marketing: Integrating Product and Impact Story, Different tactics between B2C and Business to business marketing, and price effective branding strategies.

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