6 Reusable Paper Towel Alternatives For Less Kitchen Waste

Let’s Develop A Zero Waste Kitchen

Based on the Sierra Club, we cut lower as much as 110,000,000 trees each year for a number of goods, including paper, toilet tissue, and sponges. A number of these products are single-use, used only once before selecting a landfill. And it is not cost-effective either, with lots of Americans purchasing these goods regularly.

Whenever we start to imagine the number of sponges we use during the period of simply each day, it’s easy to understand how this accumulates. So we’ve put together multiple-use paper towel alternatives (plus one brand making tree-free sponges) which are durable, lengthy-lasting, making with sustainability in your mind. Your house, wallet, and Nature will thanks.

If you are searching for additional sustainable options to toilet tissue, we have your back here.

1. Well Earth Goods

  • Standout Ethic Plastic-free
  • Produced From 100 % cotton flannel
  • Cost $29 for 12-pack

Well Earth Goods, a household run business in Or, wants you to definitely realize that a sustainable, zero waste, and plastic-free lifestyle can be done. Additionally to presenting plastic alternatives and recycled packaging, this eco-conscious team offers home items like its multiple-use NotPaper Towels which are created using 100 % biodegradable cotton flannel. With serged edges to avoid fraying and additional-absorbent material, they are able to replace paper towel rolls, napkins, and cleaning cloths.

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2. Marley’s Monsters

  • Standout Ethic Donates & upcycles scrap fabric
  • Produced From 100 % cotton flannel
  • Cost $18.00 for six-pack

Began with a mom and dad from Eugene, Or, Marley’s Monsters brings eco-friendly products and baby goods towards the masses. Upcycled or existing scrap fabrics are frequently accustomed to create its goods such as the UNpaper Towels. As well as for fabrics it does not need, Marley’s Monsters donates these to local organizations to lessen waste. Obtainable in a large number of patterns and colours, you can include just a little fun and boldness to your health.

3. Three Bluebirds

  • Standout Ethic Gives back via 1% for that Planet
  • Produced From 30 % cotton, 70 % FSC Certified cellulose
  • Cost $6.95/each

For unique, functional, and lengthy-lasting sponge alternatives, take a look at Three Bluebirds’ Swedish Dishcloths. Produced using biodegradable cellulose, cotton, and water-based ink, these cloths can last through greater than 200 washes. Plus, they’ll rapidly air-dry so bacteria don’t breed. Each purchase helps create impact, too, as Three Bluebirds is dedicated to donating 1 % of their sales to ecological causes.

4. ThreeMain

  • Standout Ethic Carbon-neutral company
  • Produced From 100 % birdseye weave cotton
  • Cost $9.99 for five-pack

ThreeMain may be the eco-friendly cleaners we’ve always aspired to see. This brand uses only nontoxic ingredients and biodegradable materials for any healthier, safer home. (Plus, it’s 100 % carbon-neutral like a company!) The Paperless Towels are created using 100 % birdseye weave cotton, and they’re as durable because they are biodegradable. Pair with Three Main’s Starter Package, as well as your home is going to be sparkling.

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5. Etsy

  • Standout Ethic Certified B Corp
  • Produced From Varies, including linens, deadstock fabric, plant fiber, & cotton
  • Cost Varies, beginning at $8.50

Etsy, an authorized B Corp prioritizing people and also the planet, helps gather small companies, local artisans, and eco-conscious entrepreneurs on this page. And together, they’re all working perfectly into a more sustainable future using carbon-neutral shipping and upcycled fabrics for tree-free sponges. Here you’ll find lots of multiple-use sponges, with different designs, prices, and materials. You may also learn to DIY some yourself.

6. Public Goods

  • Standout Ethic Plants trees for every new membership
  • Produced From Non-GMO bamboo and sugarcane
  • Cost $6.25 for just two-pack

For $59 annually, you will gain use of Public Goods’ curated platform of affordable, healthy, and sustainable goods. With every new membership, they props up Eden Restoration Project to be able to plant more trees. Whilst not multiple-use, these Tree Free Sponges really are a more powerful, more sustainable option to regular sponges, and are constructed with non-GMO bamboo and sugarcane. No bleaching, inks, dyes, or BPAs are incorporated, with no trees were injured in the building of this home good.