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7 Sustainable Clothing Brands With Secondhand & Refurbished Shops!

From Patagonia Worn Put on To Well-Loved Jeans

You will find couple of things we like greater than sustainable and intentional brands. But sustainable brands offering secondhand shops? They might go ahead and take top place within our hearts.

Secondhand shops make ease of access and affordability possible. Plus, this means we obtain to increase the lifespan of the items we use, put on, and love.

Listed here are seven brands offering take-back and re-sell programs, giving all of us a choice to seize ethical and eco-friendly put on at great deals. Are conscious of any others? Drop them within the comments and we’ll try them out!

If you wish to find out more about shopping secondhand, here’s our how-to on getting began with internet thrifting plus the most popular online thrift platforms.

1. Patagonia Worn Put on

  • Located In California
  • Perfect For Sweaters, parkas, & outerwear
  • Ethics Certified B Corp, fair labor & safe working conditions, sustainable materials, closed-loop cleaning, gives back, upcycled options
  • Discounts As Much As 70% off

A lengthy time specialist of sustainability, Patagonia’s Worn Put on program implies that the certified B Corp stays in keeping with its roots. After collecting Patagonia’s used products from customers and old goods from the distribution centers, clothing experiences a water-free closed-loop process. This ensures new-to-you products are extra clean with no waste. Worn Put on doesn’t just sell adult apparel, additionally, it offers children’s clothes, packs and equipment, as well as upcycled products produced from waste scraps. Get Patagonia quality in a literal fraction from the cost.


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2. Hackwith Design House The Sustain Shop

  • Located In Minnesota
  • Perfect For Dresses & wraps
  • Ethics Ethically made in the united states, made-to-order, in your area sourced & sustainable materials, upcycled options
  • Discounts As Much As 40% off

Since all pieces are created-to-order, Hackwith Design House’s The Sustain Shop takes came back and lightly used clothes to wash and re-sell. When they need substantial repairs rather, they works together with local sewers to upcycle and transform individuals old pieces into brand new ones. Each Sustain item listing includes connected size and imagery, to get a feeling of body before you purchase. We like shopping for our dresses, wraps, and lightweight surface layers.


3. Tradlands

  • Located In California
  • Perfect For Inclusively sized pieces
  • Ethics Ethically produced in family-owned factories, fair wages & conditions, natural & deadstock fabrics, inclusive sizing
  • Discounts As Much As 60% off

Tradlands wants you to definitely put on that which you love, and also to put on rid of it. This intentional brand works tirelessly to guarantee the best fit, fabrics, and form from concept to execution. We like its Worn Well Exchange platform for locating both samples and pre-owned pieces using their company Tradlands fans. For readers who wish to sell, you may also receive 100-150 percent from the purchase amount available credit or 80 % in cash. Circularity at its finest.


4. REI Good & Used

  • Located In Washington
  • Perfect For Outside gear for the entire family
  • Ethics Member-owned co-op, carbon-neutral, ethical & responsible production, gives back
  • Discounts As Much As 70% off

With a large number of like-new products, REI Good & Used makes its extensive type of apparel and equipment infinitely readily available. Clothing starts just six dollars, assisting to prioritize circular production, affordability, and nil-waste practices. And particularly given how costly outside gear could be, we appreciate that you could find from hiking boots to sleeping-bags without emptying your wallet. Of course, sales from REI are reinvested into its co-op membership to ensure that everybody can usually benefit from sustainability.


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5. Levi’s Secondhand

  • Located In California
  • Perfect For Jeans jeans & jackets
  • Ethics Sustainable & recycled materials, ethically made, repair & redesign program, gives back
  • Discounts As Much As 75% off

For your essential jeans we all like, Levi’s Secondhand is our online thrifting place. The secondhand platform carries a large number of adult apparel goods including vintage style jeans and jeans jackets, already damaged in and prepared that you should put on. And since jeans sizing has shifted with time, Levi’s includes a handy help guide to help find your very best fit. Shop by category or collection to locate jeans you’ll love-and forever.


6. LACAUSA Replay

  • Located In California
  • Perfect For Jumpsuits & pants
  • Ethics Ethically made, sustainable & recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, low-waste design process, gives back
  • Discounts As Much As 30% off

LACAUSA Replay is that this sustainable brand’s secondary marketplace, you get one step nearer to zero-waste. Here you’ll find products which have since been archived, lightly worn, or created using imperfections at 30 % from the original cost. Like several LACAUSA pieces, are all either made or cleaned in downtown La using in your area sourced fabrics whenever you can. A portion of proceeds return to support causes such as the LA Food Bank, Outfit Worker Center, and also the Black Lives Matter movement.


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7. Coclico

  • Located In New You are able to
  • Perfect For Women’s footwear
  • Ethics Ethically made, eco-friendly materials, vegetable-tanned leather, invests in alternative energy projects
  • Discounts As Much As 80% off

Coclico crafts gorgeous and conscious footwear that we’re always eyeing to increase our closets-so we can at less expensive prices! Through its resale platform on Treet, you’ll find lightly used footwear for approximately 80 (!) percent off. The items includes any distinctive markings or issues, in addition to photos and also the original retail cost. Considering that these modern and minimalist footwear will always be in fashion, it’s probably the most lengthy-term sustainable purchases you may make.