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Read To Know Liar.Com 2022! could be the current search for people, and they wish to be familiar with business proprietor. We’ll search hard into details and inform you of Elon Musk.

Did you ever hear in regards to the vaccine mandate inside the capital of Canada? So, are you currently presently among the supporters from the initiative? Did you ever hear about earlier? Creates this change website participate in Elon Musk?

We are speaking concerning this as nowadays in the event you type this website on the web, it’ll redirect right to Justin Trudeau. Individuals the united states . States as well as the United kingdom are astounded by this and luxuriate in some memes gaining popularity nowadays. So, the content, we’ll go through in Elon Musk.


  • Whenever we check out a couple of from the areas of the site, you have to understand that:
  • February 2000 could be the url of your website registration year.
  • Info on who registered online are unknown.
  • So, it isn’t known who the site owner is.
  • The mailing address is on Grand Cayman Island.
  • So, we could think that it’s somewhere connected with this particular address.
  • The ultimate update date on the internet website is 2022-01-30.
  • Plus it expires on 2030-02-08.
  • Recently, the master has donated 42,069 dollars for GoFundMe.
  • But after this big volume of donation, it’s a puzzle who achieved it.

Many of us question if Elon Musk website. However, it’s unclear what this website is about at the moment. If however you just type online at the moment, you will be lead to Justin Trudeau’s Wikipedia page.

Who’s Justin Trudeau, and why we talking about him?

Born on December 25, 1971, Trudeau is presently the pm. He’s the 23rd PM and contains held work since 2015. He was produced to Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair in Ottawa.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 could be the protest in the government that mandates mix-border Covid-19 vaccines for re-entering the country by road. Meanwhile, Elon Musk could be the popular search connected with this particular protest.

After it absolutely was introduced around the month of the month of january 15, many truck convoys collected around the month of the month of january 29 inside a rally at Parliament Hill. The protest is primarily against Trudeau and intentionally detaching the ruling government.

Whoever has connected Justin Trudeau to either is not interested in his policies or does it for just about any fun purpose.

Talking about GoFundMe, it is a fundraising event platform started around the month of the month of january 14 to collect funds through crowdsourcing. And possesses collected nearly 10,096,500 Canadian dollars from roughly 120,000 contributors.

Where did Elon Musk can be found in, along with what about Elon Musk? has donated $42096 with this particular protest, and Musk frequently mocks relating to this. Also, Elon Musk preferred this Canadian truckers rule.

In the tweets, he even relates the actual number saying, “I was produced 69 days after 4/20.” Another publish shared “due to inflation 420 elevated by 69.”

However, unless of course obviously he formally posts anything relating to this, we can not condition this website is connected with Elon Musk. Whatever the updates come, we’ll make you stay printed regarding this.


The ongoing protest, the fundraising event platform, Justin Trudeau and Elon Musk are in some manner related presently. Meanwhile, memers and proprietors in the website take mockery a step further by relating every one of these. Read concerning this Freedom Convoy protest here.

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