Pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring!

For a long time, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, and vinyl tiles happen to be popular flooring options in bathrooms and kitchens. So, the Benefits and drawbacks from it really are a thicker flooring option. It’s generally fabricated using lengthy planks along with a modified tongue & groove connection system, which snaps together.

plank flooring acquired recognition since it was similar to wooden plank flooring much better than plastic laminate floors. Regrettably, it can be hard for house owners to renovate their houses on the limited budget.

So, plank vinyl floors, also considered to be luxury vinyl or luxury floor (LVF) is vinyl floors that’s produced in lengthy narrow strips. Vinyl plank is multiplied with four layers.

Luxury vinyl is all about five occasions thicker thick than traditional sheet Vinyl. This will make it semi-rigid. Luxury Vinyl Planks aren’t folded within the flooring and glued lower. So, they snap together. Vinyl planks could be scratched and scuffed to provide them an old-fashioned look.

Vinyl plank has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, vinyl plank requires little maintenance and it is very durable. However, the vinyl plank can be simply broken. Additionally, vinyl plank doesn’t boost the cost of your house. So, waterproof vinyl plank is easily the most common. Fake wooden flooring there are lots of options. It may be challenging find the correct flooring. Vinyl, hardwood, carpet, along with other flooring choices are available.

What’s Vinyl plank flooring?

Described, it’s vinyl floors that’s been reduce simple to handle strips. So, vinyl plank is recognized as an extravagance vinyl tile option due to its thickness, durability, easy installation, and delightful design patterns that replicate natural wood and stone flooring.

A pressure-heat process can be used to help make the flooring. So, it combines three layers: a vinyl backing layer, a movie along with a put on layer. Next, a memory coating is used towards the flooring for durability and protection. This will make it cut to size and edge-prepared prior to being shipped.

Pros Cons

  • Material that’s completely waterproof It can be challenging to correct planks which are broken
  • Easy DIY installation Hardwood is much more esteemed than hardwood.
  • Low maintenance


1. Water-Resistant:

Vinyl planks are waterproof and resist moisture, unlike tiles or wood planks. So, this is actually the most critical advantage of vinyl floors.

2. Durability:

Avoid lounging tiles in areas which are most prone to damage. Luxury vinyl plank, however, is flexible and incredibly durable. So, technology-not only inside your bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl is waterproof against spills and simple to wash. Additionally, vinyl resists chips, scratches along with other significant damage.

3. Maintenance:

Vinyl plank can maintain easily by vacuuming and sweeping. So, a mop and tepid to warm water may use for much deeper cleaning. So, stay away from a built-in scrubber to mop your floors.

4. Appearance:

Vinyl floors is trendy. Using modern photo taking imaging technology, vinyl plank can be created just as you want.

5. Comfort:

Vinyl planks possess a smoother surface, causing them to be simpler just to walk on than regular wooden planks. Additionally, vinyl planks offer greater comfort than traditional wooden alternatives. So, this is particularly important for those who have to face for longer periods. Additionally, vinyl floors can maintain 70 degrees. If you have heating in the winter months, your floor won’t send chills lower the spine.

6. Affordability:

Vinyl plank is a superb choice for individuals who would like an inexpensive and-quality floor. Vinyl plank is commonly less costly than solid hardwood floors. So, vinyl plank is usually less costly than solid hardwood floors. So, this enables you to definitely benefit from the benefits of vinyl floors without getting to pay for extra.


1. Undergoing:

Vinyl floors has its own cons. Vinyl floors can fade in sunlight. So, therefore, vinyl floors shouldn’t be used outdoors.

2. Compost ability:

Vinyl planks can’t be biodegradable. Additionally, vinyl planks can be tough to recycle, based on their logo and composition. So, this really is something you should consider if you love the atmosphere.

3. You are able to do harm:

Vinyl can damages, though it lasts for several years. So, before putting furniture in position, safeguard the ft with felt.

How to locate high-quality plank flooring?

The development of luxury plank flooring has eliminated all the problems connected with vinyl tiles. So, listed here are four of the greatest advantages of luxury vinyl.

  • Fully waterproof
  • Wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes.
  • Longer warranties
  • Superior glueless installation techniques


Vinyl and hardwood are just two choices for flooring. Prior to deciding around the right flooring option, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Vinyl plank flooring meets the 3 needs and it is extremely popular. Vinyl floors has both its advantages and disadvantages, as with every materials. The above mentioned pointed out, benefits and drawbacks of vinyl floors that will help you make a good choice.