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Give The Gift Of Art With Prints From These 10 Women Artists!

Provide The Gift Of Art

With regards to looking around for gifts for family members, we frequently overlook the gift of art. While clothes, footwear, and books are great gifting options, there’s something stand out about getting a thing of beauty like a present. Whenever we gift artwork from local artists, we’re not just giving a special and unique gift, but supporting gifted creatives in an exceedingly tangible way.

We’ve put together a summary of 10 women artists to purchase artwork from. Unsure how to start or searching for additional inspo? Take a look at our 101 regarding how to buy art online.

1. Stella Marie Baer

Stella Marie Baer is definitely an artist initially from Santa Fe, Boise State Broncos, whose work incorporates aspects of the desert and also the cosmos. She’s well-noted for her works of art from the moon and planets, by which she sometimes uses Colorado dirt as pigment. Her search for women’s relationship towards the earth is converted superbly in her own works of art of the body. Should you haven’t examined Stella’s work you certainly should!


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2. Ashley Lukashevsky

Ashley Lukashevsky is definitely an illustrator and visual artist located in La. Her work concentrates on activism, feminism and also the dismantling of oppressive systems. Her beautiful illustrations incorporating vibrant colors and stunning images are superbly intersectional, concentrating on POC, body positivity, queerness and gender identity. Her prints are simply as inspiring because they are beautiful, which makes them ideal for that empty wall inside your apartment or work place.


3. Laura Berger

Laura Berger is really a Chicago-based artist whose work explores the divine feminine. Her striking style is simplistic, yet effective, concentrating on the significance of relationships between women. Her work truly speaks by itself, also it speaks volumes. Laura’s work reminds us from the need we’ve as women to construct one another in everything we all do. We also have certainly one of Laura’s prints presented within the great Trade Studio. It’s usually an excellent indication from the strength and resilience that inevitably includes as being a lady.


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4. Seonna Hong?

Seonna Hong is really a visual artist located in La. Her work frequently concentrates on various scenes anyway, incorporating beautiful colors and comforting negative space. The small humans frequently symbolized in her own works of art appear to function as a indication of methods small we actually are as compared to the vastness of father time. Her work invokes a feeling of calmness that invites us to understand more about nature with childlike curiosity.


5. Jennifer Bouron

Jennifer Bouron is definitely an illustrator from France, whose French background is very apparent in her own playful designs. Her work incorporates aspects of nature and everyday existence, recording the good thing about the straightforward things. Her Etsy shop is filled with totes, calendars, posts cards and prints which make for perfect gifts for coworkers, family people and buddies. Check her out!


6. Tune Hansen

Tune Hansen is definitely an artist, artist and music performer residing in Toronto. Her illustrations talk to probably the most vulnerable areas of ourselves-the insecurities and also the sadness, but the pleasure and also the courage all of us hold inside. Melody’s simple, hands-attracted figures and sentiments are pretty straight forward reminders that it is okay to become human.


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7. Marialaura Fedi

Marialaura Fedi is really a visual artist whose passion for plants frequently turns up in her own beautiful illustrations. Her illustrations, hand crafted in gouache technique, feature stylish women in peaceful settings, usually among some kind of foliage. The soft colors and contours invoke a feeling of tranquility and togetherness among women. Any one of her presented prints could be absolutely stunning in almost any room within your house or apartment.


8. Frances Cannon

Frances Cannon is really a queer, multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on our bodies and also the psyche. Her illustrations and works of art incorporate a number of styles from relationships, sex, love, sexuality and gender. Her jobs are incredibly empowering, ideal for anybody looking for just a little boost on their own journey to self-love.


9. Molly Mendoza

Molly Mendoza is definitely an artist residing in Portland who describes her style as “chaotic yet rhythmic.” Her illustrations are extremely observational anyway, incorporating aspects of everyday existence and relationships. The vibrant colors she uses in her own illustrations reel you into each piece’s narrative-departing you wondering who the lady using the orange face is avoiding, or who the lady using the red ponytail is whispering to. Take a look at her try to see exactly what i’m saying.


10. Sammie Clark

Sammie Clark’s watercolor creations are similar to the storybooks all of us increased up getting read to all of us as kids. Her work concentrates on facets of nature, incorporating playful elements for example fun outfits and accessories on her behalf woodland creatures. Knowing someone looking for some nostalgic comfort, a print from Sammie’s collection could be perfect!