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Would you play wordle? Looking for the solution to today’s wordle? Wordle is definitely an video game where the players need to guess with the aid of provided hints. Wordle is produced by Welsh Software Engineer Josh Wardle. Nowadays wordle is trending throughout Australia due to its latest wordle, that was really perplexing for that players to guess.

Kindly follow this publish on Pidge Wordle to understand much more about the solution to 23rd This summer wordle puzzle.

Confusing Wordle

Wordle provides its players having a daily challenge to guess the term with the aid of a particular group of hints. Lately, on 23 This summer 2022, a wordle announced the puzzle that was quite confusing for that players. This confusion brought the shoppers to look much more about the solution to today’s wordle. Lots of people made different random guesses, but the most typical guess was the Pidge as the solution to 23rd This summer puzzle.

After guessing Pidge being an answer, lots of people on the web need to know Is Pidge a thing? To that particular question, the reply is yes. Yes, Pidge is really a word. However, within our research, it had been discovered that Pidge isn’t the answer for today’s wordle.

Answer for today’s wordle

  • The 23rd This summer wordle developed the following three hints:
  • The term contains two vowels in the second and fifth positions.
  • The 3rd word of the five-letter word is D.
  • The term usually describes insects.

By searching at these hints, lots of people suspected the solution to be Pidge. This really is false because when studied it’s discovered that Pidge definition shows that it’s a word accustomed to describe an individual attendant. So what exactly is the solution to today’s wordle? Without further delay, let’s be aware of answer in the current wordle. The term which fulfills the factors from the hints pointed out above was MIDGE. As you can tell, both Pidge and Midge contain vowels in the second and fifth position and also the middle letter, the 3rd letter from the word. For this reason, everyone was unclear about today’s answer. Only Midge stands tall for that third hint. Hence,” MIDGE” is definitely an answer for that wordle (23 This summer, 2022)

Pidge Wordle

Wordle is among the most trending games of latest time. Wordle helps players activate their thinking ability through their tricky questions. One particular question was published on 23 This summer, 2022, where lots of players were bluffed through the hints provided and chose the solution to be Pidge rather of Midge.


This publish discusses the current confusion within the wordle game. We provided the solution to today’s wordle. As well as, we’ve discussed why Pidge isn’t an answer for today’s wordle.

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