11 Journal Prompts To Help You Determine Your Personal Values!

Who Shall We Be Held?

Whenever we know what’s most significant to all of us, it might be simpler to determine where you can live, where you can work, how we want to spend our spare time, and who you want to stand with. Individuals essential things, or personal values, really are a compass we can look to when dealing with difficult decisions. Our values can originate from our upbringing, beliefs, and private encounters, varying from working together and humbleness to independence and achievement. Importantly, they appear different for everybody. (This is a handy list from Brené Brown having a couple of more.)

Finding your own values isn’t always straightforward-I’ve personally spent painful hrs agonizing over my “true self” and yearning to locate my “sense of purpose.” It’s very easy to confuse our values with this behavior, our responsibility, our skills, or our interests. Rather, values are guiding concepts that may inform the way you maneuver around our way of life.

“Values are guiding concepts that may inform the way you maneuver around our way of life.”

When we’re set on self-discovery, we are able to consider the wider picture to uncover common styles behind the themes, people, and projects that light us up. We don’t need to take a “change your life” course or costly seminar rather, we are able to determine what we are searching for by using our intuition and removing self-judgment.

I particularly discovered that having to pay focus on the way i authored about my existence within my journal solved the problem begin distilling my most significant values. Below, you’ll look for a couple of writing prompts I’ve employed for myself, and a few which have been inspired by realizations that solved the problem on the way.

“Sometimes following your values requires you to definitely step outdoors your safe place. But finding alignment together with your true self causes it to be useful.”

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The intent of the being active is to place your ideas to paper, to not carve your values in stone. We’re constantly altering and growing. Values might manifest themselves differently with time, or they may change entirely. (So, for instance, our teenage diaries aren’t always likely to be perfect maps for the adult selves.) And they are not necessarily easy-sometimes following your values requires you to definitely step outdoors your safe place. But finding alignment together with your true self causes it to be useful.

While you practice these journal records, don’t get up to date in attempting to judge what they’re telling you while you’re writing-just write. Getting distracted by attempting to pressure a solution can draw attention away from us and skew our perspectives. You are able to evaluate and deconstruct later. I love to imagine myself being an archaeologist after i revisit my journals, carefully taking out the dust of the distracted mind to obtain the meaning beneath my words.

First got it all determined already? (Go you!) Mind for more journal prompts for just about any emotion you may be feeling at this time.

Start simple and easy , small. Create your ideal morning routine, lower towards the tiniest detail. Are you currently sleeping until 11AM? Or are you currently sneaking inside a little peace and quiet prior to the kids awaken? Would you drink Folgers from the Mr. Coffee, or are you currently sipping artisanal coffee from the French press?

Values To Think About: Balance, Leisure, Self-Discipline, Routine, Independence

Talk about your future self in present tense, as with “I am an instructor, I’ve two dogs, and that i possess a home I really like that’s filled with thriving houseplants.” Paint an image of the existence that’s honest and positive. Don’t focus an excessive amount of on perfection enable your creativeness bring clearness, like you’re watching a Polaroid develop. Exactly what do the thing is surrounding you? Who tags along? What’s happening?

Values to think about: Competence, Travel/Adventure, Exploration, Self Improvement, Atmosphere, Career, Mastery, Family, Parenting, Risk-Taking, Wealth, Vision, Contribution, Home

Who’re your heroes? Living or dead, imaginary or real, that do you interact with? Just what would you resonate with-a bold spirit, a peaceful heart, a justice-oriented voice? Consider their values and also the forces that drive their lives, and consider if individuals same values seem like they can fit for you personally.

Values to think about: Advocacy, Equality, Empathy, Adventure, Altruism, Vision, Justice, Elegance

Let’s discuss art and media! Talk about your preferred movie, show, book, or album. How come it stick inside your mind and heart? Is the experience linked to an essential memory of the person or place? Are you currently inspired or motivated through the words it has? Do you experience feeling soothed or validated because of it?

Values to think about: Art, Beauty, Creativeness, Connection, Nostalgia, Comfort, Self-Expression

Spend some time inside a written meditation regarding your buddies. Have you got a lot, or do you’d rather keep the circle small , close-knit? Performs this incorporate your family? What is the common thread between your people you’re nearest with, or perhaps a particular way you love to interact with them? (For instance, humor is a big value for me personally-and that i recognized it after realizing that my most treasured friendships deeply intertwine humor and empathy).

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Values to think about: Community, Family, Reliability, Connection, Humor

This is actually the disaster prompt-and let’s hope it always remains hypothetical. What’s the first factor you’d save inside a disaster that needed you to definitely evacuate? Why do you consider you’d achieve for your particular object? Or did the mind instantly visit the people and pets inside your household, ignoring physical possessions?

Values to think about: Family, Parenting, Companionship (especially centered on pets), Responsibility, Wealth, Safety, Order, Home, Nostalgia/Storytelling

Think about your internet behavior. Exactly what do clicking of all? Why? Exactly what does your email inbox seem like? Your screentime? Review your Pinterest boards and also the images you’ve saved on Instagram. Possibly there is a pattern of lovely spaces, or information you need to remember, or quotes that keep you going.

Values to think about: Order, Balance, Appearance, Connection, Self Improvement, Creating A Difference, Privacy, Discipline

What’s your most typical disagreement? When you are together with your buddies, family, or other people, what subject will get your bloodstream boiling and launches a debate? It may be as easy as what sort of jelly is better on the PB&J or as large as global warming and activism. Check out the discord-I’ve frequently discovered that my values lie somewhere within the space between me and just what I disagree with.

Values to think about: Forgiveness, Activism, Cooperation, Diversity, Equality, Ethics, Freedom, Pride, Tradition

Whenever you feel open capable to, dig directly into see exactly what the “negatives” have to let you know with regards to you. What you think are the greatest flaws, and why do you experience feeling this way? What do you experience feeling guilty about? What news tales cause you to feel sad? Whenever we make a list of why something causes us to be feel below par, we are able to switch it over and find out the worth behind the sensation. Objectivity is essential with this particular prompt imagine you’re simply analyzing the 2 sides of the interesting gold coin.

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Values to think about: Wholeness, Well-Being, Success, Mental Health, Spirituality, Peace, Justice, Truth

Describe yourself like a plant. Are you currently lush and boisterous? Are you currently stolid and spiky? Do you want constant watering, or you thrive in arid environments? Are you currently tender and blooming, or sturdy and perennial? What colors are the flowers, and just how will they cause you to feel? Don’t get too distracted by imagining the type of plant you are feeling like you ought to be. Concentrate on the kind of plant you think you’re, or that you would like to develop into.

Values to think about: Atmosphere, Leadership, Strength, Pleasure, Resilience, Growth, Nature, Independence, Resourcefulness

Finally, a workout which has solved the problem both in professional and personal capacities: Draw a line lower the center of your notebook page. Consider taking care of of the existence: Relationships, home, self, work, etc. and write what you would like much more of in a single column and fewer of within the other column. For instance, within my home, I would like more laughter, more mindfulness, and much more routine. I would like less clutter, less processed food, and fewer distraction. I particularly love this exercise because it’s straightforward and frequently informs you exactly what you ought to know.

Values to think about: Balance, Responsibility, Helpfulness, Openness, Fulfillment, Efficiency, Pleasure, Health