Yes, You Can Have Sex On Your Period (Plus, It Has Benefits!)

Exploring Closeness While Menstruating

After I was 21, I’d a boyfriend visit me from on vacation. It had been an unexpected visit, and that i been on my small period. While I’d didn’t have period sex before, I made the decision to brave the waters, so we wound up getting penetrative sex. Everything was going fine until he saw period bloodstream.

“I feel dizzy,” he explained, so we stopped. I shouldn’t have felt responsible, however i did, as well as for years after, I felt shame whenever getting period sex with partners.

However the shame surrounding my period began lengthy before that. I increased in a culture where the monthly period was an origin of discomfort and embarrassment. We never spoken about my period becoming an adult, and my mother and teachers used nicknames like ‘that duration of the month,’ ‘chums,’ ‘mother nature,’ and ‘auntie flo’ to prevent saying the term whatsoever. Even shopkeepers wrapped sanitary napkins in layers of newspaper before placing them within our grocery bags.

This negativity surrounding periods was but still is pervasive and deeply entrenched in today’s world. In a few cultures, period taboos are extremely severe that individuals who menstruate aren’t permitted to go in your kitchen, sleep in their own individual beds, enter church buildings, or touch others. These ideologies influence the way we consider the monthly period, and they may also affect our sex lives. I was never trained to like our periods, kind we most probably to intercourse while menstruating?

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“We weren’t trained to like our periods, kind we most probably to intercourse while menstruating?”

Being an adult, I’ve needed to re-educate myself about sex and sexuality. Which journey has involved working out how you can love my vulva and my body system, particularly when on my small period. Dealing with this phase continues to be pivotal, and understanding my body system means understanding its needs and promoting in my pleasure, whether I’m menstruating or otherwise.

Fortunately, re-education helps. And the good thing is the period sex even has lots of benefits for the emotional and mental health, in addition to our sexual encounters. Listed here are a couple of:

Cramp Relief: If you’ve ever masturbated during your period, you might have learned that it will help to alleviate menstrual cramps. Orgasms release endorphins and, additionally to creating one feel good, endorphins stimulate opioid receptors, lowering discomfort levels drastically. Research has shown us that discomfort tolerance is decreased during intercourse because our uterine lining contracts and sloughs off endometrial cells, which will help relieve cramps.

Menstrual Migraine Relief: Oxytocin, another hormone recognized to decrease cortisol (generally referred to as stress hormone), also levels during this period. And sex during your period might help relieve menstrual migraines, that 60 % of individuals experience.

Elevated Libido: We have all wondered why standing on our period causes us to be feel turned on, and it is due to the fall and rise of hormones within our physiques (e.g., oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone). One study demonstrated the finish from the first phase of the menstrual period (the follicular phase) happens when oestrogen reaches its peak, explaining why some people are simply itching to have it on.

Partner Closeness: Period sex is yet another effective supply of closeness and passion for a lot of couples because it encourages thinking outdoors from the box and seeking sex in non conventional ways (like using period bloodstream like a natural lubricant!). Whilst not for everybody-and something must only engage once they feel at ease-it will make people feel closer.

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“Having sex within my period continues to be a terrific way to make contact with my sexuality, release myself from period shame, and be more intimate with my lady.”

It’s a liberating experience to understand our periods are beautiful. And it is very validating whenever we allow our physiques to appear within their whole during any sexual encounter. Getting sex within my period continues to be a terrific way to make contact with my sexuality, release myself from period shame, and be more intimate with my lady.

But many importantly, I’m no more apologetic about my body system. I embrace every aspect of my body system, the untidy ones.

*Author’s note: While the probability is low, it’s still possible to conceive on your period. Always employ exterior contraception if pregnancy is away from the cards. Condoms also stop you from STIs generally spread with the bloodstream, e.g., Aids and hepatitis.